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Trevor Moran - Alive - EP

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Ep
Release date: 2016-01-22 Year: 2016
Label: Gotham Alpha
Genre: Pop
Producer: Bobby Frausto
Artist discography


Trevor Morans 2nd long awaited Alive EP came out just a little over a year ago and still has me feeling hip. With catchy and meaningful lyrics its very easy to follow. 

'Let's Roll' is a fun urban pop like party arrival tune. All I could imagine was me driving up to a big house party dressed to the nines with no shame. 

'Got Me Feelin Like' addresses how unfortunately at times in the industry you will come across individuals with lots of talent but their nasty attitude over powers them. Sadly I myself have encountered people like that and nothing good ever becomes of them. I really like how Trevor wasn't afraid to go there and ruffle the feathers of his haters. 

'I Wanna Fly' takes on Trevors struggle to come out of the closet as gay fearing what society would do to him and how everyone he knew would react. I have to give Trevor major kudos for using the music platform in a positive way to encourage younger people not to be afraid of being who they are. In the music video (which will be in the new video section) Trevor is seen being hauled away to a tube that will have a girl in it. However,he manages to break free just in time and run to the last tube which has a boy in it. As soon as they look at eachother and become comfortable Trevor is ripped away. To me it perfectly depicts how the majority of society can be rather cruel at times to those of the LGBTQ community.  

'Cold Soul' covers the topic of dealing with people who betray you and or has a dark side to them. It's about being able to see through somebodys lies and confront them about it when you've had enough. I really liked this song because its about something we all have dealt with. It's super relatable. 

'Alive'  is my favorite of all 5 tracks. Its easy to the ears and is a well rounded closing to a spin worthy record. This track is about dealing with life and just wanting to be alive no matter what happens.

I really think Trevor has a bright future as a Youtube popstar. Really looking forward to what is to become of him. He is definately one to watch out for.  

You can find Trevor on various social medias and Alive is avaliable on Spotify!

Tracklisting 1. Let's Roll
2. Got Me Feelin' Like
3. I Wanna Fly
4. Cold Soul
5. Alive


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