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Art of Anarchy - The Madness

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Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2017-03-24 Year: 2017
Label: Century Label Group
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Art of Anarchy
Artist discography


Art of Anarchy had a big task, how to proceed with the band after previous vocalist Scott Weiland (although never official a member of the band according to a Weiland statement) suddenly passed away in sad circumstances.
It took some time but one day the other AoA members met with Scott Stapp (Creed) and that day the right path towards the future was found.
But i does not stop with the stardom of Grammy award winning Stapp.
AOA possesses some morewell known rockstar such as lead guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal ( Guns N’ Roses), and bassist John Moyer (Disturbed).
Twin brothers Jon Votta (guitar) and Vince Votta (drums) complete the powerquintet Art of Anarchy is.

On the first video release “The Madness” it becomes clear Scott Stapp did get freedom to write his own lyrics to sing. In this song he discusses his sanity thru a difficult time is his life.
This stitle song is very catchy and radio friendly.
This time in Scott's life is a topic which comes back on more songs thruout this fine release.
A short warning, don't compare this release with any Creed release or the previous selftitled AoA release.
This one has it's own soul.
The straight opening heavy rocker “Echo of a Scream” stands out in a nice pace. Love the way the melodic chorus being different from the somewhat rawer lines.
Great screams too!

Each Instrument do give their own unique flavour to the songs.
You can here this perfectly on the following tracks “1000 Degrees” and “No Surrender”. Personally i think “No Surrender” is a killer track, powerfull and a great message too.

On “Won't Let You Down” i have some problems with the intro switching sound from the left to the right speaker and vice versa.
On the other hand Scott really has spot on vocals and het feel in this song sounds like a mixture between Creed and Pearl Jam, making me forget about the intro.

On “Changed Man” it is all about forgiveness and change.  A great ballad on which the band puts down beautifull layers on which Scott can shine with fantastic vocals supported by nice background vocals in the chorus as well.

“Somber”, musically has some very interesting short guitarlines between the first and second chorus. Just listen very closely.

“Dancing with the devils” goes full throttle in power and raweness. It also contains a great addictive Native American style chorus.

“Afterburn” starts with a hounting and very interesting intro, which takes you by the throat instantly.
Love the way this song is layered down with a really fantastic solo part.
Listen to the band going wild. A perfect way to close this release.

I suggest strongly to buy this fine release if you like the previous AoA, Creed and also the likes of for example Pearl Jam
I had great pleasure listenig to some deep lyrics and for those that love to jam along with an album, this one has interesting arrangements.

Tracklisting 1. Echo of a Scream
2. 1,000 Degrees
3. No Surrender
4. The Madness
5. Won't Let You Down
6. Changed Man
7. A Light In Me
8. Somber
9. Dancing With The Devil
10. Afterburn


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