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Nickelback - Feed the Machine

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-06-16 Year: 2017
Label: Nickelback II Productions
Genre: Post Grunge
Producer: Nickelback
Artist discography


Nickelback, the band that everybody loves to hate but that doesn´t bother Chad Kroeger that much because he can laugh all the way to the bank. They have sold more than 50 million albums worldwide, making them one of Canada´s most successful groups of all time. Chad Kroeger is like the Max Martin of rock, delivering hit after hit.
But there is a price to pay, the band wants to rock and between the commercial songs, they do rock hard from time to time. However, that´s not something that hard rock fans are willing to see. Nickelback have done some really good albums in the past but the new album "Feed the machine" is not one of those, the production is way too clean where the guitars are supposed to be heavy but ending up, light.
The band has been accused of writing shallow music that has the same depth as the water in an almost empty glass and this time around, I won´t argue. These songs don´t move me in any way, they´re coming in one ear and goes out the other one in lightspeed.
The singles "Song on fire" and "Must be nice" are ok, as well as the short instrumental piece "The betrayal (act 1)". Their weakest album yet.

Tracklisting 1. Feed the Machine
2. Coin for the ferryman
3. Song on fire
4. Must be nice
5. After the rain
6. For the river
7. Home
8. The betrayal Act III
9. Silent majority
10. Everytime we´re together
11. The betrayal Act I


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Did you know that?

The name Nickelback originates from the nickel in change that member Mike Kroeger gave customers at his Starbucks job. He would frequently say "HereĀ“s your nickel back."

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