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Betty Who - The Valley

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2017-03-24 Year: 2017
Label: RCA Records
Genre: Power Pop,  Synth
Producer: Kyle Moorman,Mstr Rogers,Peter Thomas,Pop & Oak,Robopop
Artist discography


Betty Who is back with her 2nd album! 

The Valley is a mixed bag of hits and misses but is worth checking out in my opinion. To save you all the time I picked down below the tracks I really thought were the saving solaces. 

'The Valley' the album titled track starts off things with a beautiful acappella soothing yet rich in harmony short piece. I thought it gave off a warm welcome. 

'Wanna Be' is about having feelings for someone you know but watching them hold somebody else in their arms. I felt Betty really captured vocally the feeling of one dying on the inside wanting to be that lucky person. 

'Blue Heaven Midnight Crush' nails it spot on describing how two people have a crush on each other but know they can't have the other. So in the end they just try to make the best of things even though its hard pretending like nothing is going on inside their hearts. 

'Reunion' is a beautiful slow jam that I think a lot of people will relate to. Its about seeing the one you loved with all your heart with somebody else and trying your best to fight every emotion of still caring about them. This is my favorite of all.  

'I Love You Always Forever' was a well done calm modern pop Donna Lewis cover. I liked it better than the original version to be honest.

Overall I felt like The Valley lacked the wow factor compared to her 1st album. Not sure if Betty was trying to appeal more to the younger generation or just wanted to approach this record differently all together. None the less I still thought it was nice but in my opinion it doesn't top her debut piece.  

Be sure to check Betty Who and her work out on various medias!

Tracklisting 1. The Valley
2. Some Kinda Wonderful
3. You Can Cry Tomorrow
4. Mama Say
5. Human Touch
6. Free To Fly (Ft. Warren G)
7. Wanna Be
8. Pretend You're Missing Me
9. Blue Heaven Midnight Crush
10. Make You Memories
11. Reunion
12. Beautiful (Ft. Superfruit)
13. I Love You Always Forever


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