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Inglorious - II

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Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2017-05-12 Year: 2017
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Classic Rock
Producer: Inglorious
Artist discography


Just a little over one year ago the world got to know Inglorious with their glorious selftitled debut.
That album was praised around the globe and Inglorious was named by far the as best British newcomer in many years.
And guess what, they are already back with their 2nd release simply titled "II".
Now maybe critic voices might say this might be a bit rushed.
I am not one of them, i simply think they just have this huge enthousiasm of a young band full of energy.
And what better way after a year full of touring everywhere in Europe to head into the studio and record this vibe straight away.
Recording a specific vibe is everything to Inglorious. They dont use clicktracks, and try to record a song in one take if possible to catch the vibe as you might catch when seeing a band like them live on stage.
"II" was recorded in one go at Parr Street Studios Liverpool, a more comfortable setting this time as accomodation was provided, no more sleeping on the studio floors, things are looking up in the world.

The band wrote and produced the whole album with no guest writers this time, they said "It came together very organically after spending time touring together and it felt great.
We focused on getting our sounds just right so we could get into the studio and out in the least time possible. After the recording it was mixed by the famous Kevin Shirley at his Caveman Studios.

"II" contains 12 songs of pure classic rock songs in the likes of Deep Purple, Whitesnake & Bad Company with a slightly more modern edge.

Compared to the selftitled debut this album is heavier yet still very melodic.
Nathan James uses his diverse powerfull voice full throttle and with a lot of soul.

Also i have to mention the mind blowing drums by Phil Beaver.
I havent heard a gifted drummer like him since Mike Portnoy.
Together with Colin Parkinson on Bass they form a very dynamic rythm force.

The classic sound on this release is completed by guitarplayers Andreas Eriksson and Wil Taylor.
After the recording Will left the band and he has been replaced by Drew Lowe.

After the very well received debut i was wondering how they would try to top that quality release.
Well they did this smart. instead of copying the style from the debut they went for a slightly different sound, a bit less epic hymns and replaced this with slightly more in your face classic hardrock.
There is simply more power here. pounding drums thumping basses and riffing yet also melodic guitars.
Inglorious managed to deliver this fantastic hardrock album well balanced and there is enough space to breathe.

"I Don't Need Your Loving" starts of with a melodic guitar intro, leading into a midtempo rocker in the likes of Whitesnake. this song sets the atmosphere perfectly about what can be expected on II.

"Taking The Blame" has the same energy as Steelheart's "Rock n Roll (I Just Wanna)", a fantastic song to get wild!

"Tell Me Why" thakes one shift back in speed, a very convincing midtempo rocksong with powerfull vocals and a great groove.

"Read All About It" was the first video single and is a full force classic rocksong with a very catchy and powerful chorus.

"Change Is Coming" hits of with a nice bluesy guitar, completed with Nathan'soulfull voice, the song quickly builds to a groovy rocker with massive drums and epic guitars. A highlight on this album.

"Making Me Pay" is a powerballad on which Nathan puts down a mighty layer of amazing soulful vocals.
Incredible how diverse his vocalparts are.

"Hell Or High Water" is a fantastic high pace hardrocker, and starts with an intro that could have been on any Dream Theater album. A great song for creating a pit at any festival for shure.

"No Good For You" is another uptempo rocker with a very catchy riff. love the solo part with great drums, guitars and bass.

"I Got A Feeling" Another classic groovy hardrock song. with a nice uptempo powerblues solo with lots of fingertapping.

"Black Magic" gives us a fantastic dark moody intro leading into an epic powerfull rocker. Another highlight.

"Faraway" to me is the best song on this album, it starts of as a slow ballad with probably the best introvert vocals i've heard in years. The music builds up in power and as well do the fantastic vocals.
This is such an incredible song, as all the musicians in the band get enough space to really shine.

"High Class Woman" is the perfect way to close this amazing album.
Very catchy and powerfull. Love Nathan's high pitch screams especially at the end of the song.
The perfect way to blow out the candles.

My verdict about this album is short: Inglorious is absolutely glorious and this release is a contender for the top 10 albums of the year.

Tracklisting 1. I Don't Need Your Loving
2. Taking the Blame
3. Tell Me Why
4. Read All About It
5. Change Is Coming
6. Making Me Pay
7. Hell or High Water
8. No Good for You
9. I Got a Feeling
10. Black Magic
11. Faraway
12. High Class Woman


Melodic Net Comments 

Gill Preston
Thought the first album was incredible but this is another level 10/10 Inglorious
2017-04-30 20:06:26