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Unruly Child - Reigning Frogs - The Box Set Collection

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-04-21
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: AOR
Producer: Bruce Gowdy / Guy Allison
Artist discography


I´m rather glad that I bought this limited edition box set from Frontiers Records because there´s only 1000 copies made and I´m pretty sure it will be a rare and expensive item on eBay in due time.
Reigning Frogs is a 5 CD + DVD set including all Unruly Child´s albums except the 1992 debut on Interscope Records and the 1995 album Tormented, released under Marcie Free but the band was actually called 12 Pound Sledge during the recordings of Tormented.
The packaging is excellent with lyrics on the inner sleeves and the CD´s as vinyl replica as well as a 20 page booklet with liner notes from Marcie Free, Bruce Gowdy and Guy Allison about everything you need to know and more about Unruly Child´s catalogue. Bruce Gowdy tells us why he hates "Criminal" from the first record so much and we also get to know Mark Free´s dark past when he almost commited suicide in what he calls the tormented years.
The 7 song mini album Down The Rabbit Hole is available exclusively on CD for the first time in this box set and we also get bonus tracks like "Ruby Tuesday" (Rolling Stones cover) on UCIII, "World of Difference" on Waiting For The Sun and "Talk To Me" (acoustic) on World Collide.
No further comments needed, this is a great box set of a great band.
Waiting For The Sun (1998) - Heart Run Free, Rise Up
The Basement Demos (2002) - Forever, Still Believe
UCIII (2003) - Ruby Tuesday, Tear Me Down
World Collide (2010) - When We Were Young, Neverland
Down The Rabbit Hole (2014) - For All We Know, Breaking Hearts

Tracklisting 1. Heart Run Free
2. Rise Up
3. Why Should I Care
4. Forever
5. Man Inside
6. Do You Ever Think of Me
7. Still Believe
8. To the Cross
9. Fool Again
10. Live in the Night
11. Waiting for the Sun
12. World of Difference - Bonus Track
13. On the Rise
14. Rock Me Down Nasty
15. To Be Your Everything
16. Lay Down Your Arms
17. Is It Over
18. Let's Talk About Love
19. Long Hair Woman
20. Forever
21. Live in the Night
22. Unruly Child
23. Undefeated
24. Down the Road
25. Still Believe
26. The Man Inside
27. Live Without Love
28. True Love
29. Tear Me Down
30. Falling
31. All Around Me
32. Bring Me Home
33. Sleeping Town
34. You See Three
35. Kings of Tragedy
36. Vertigo
37. Shades of Love
38. Unruly Child
39. Something
40. Ruby Tuesday - Bonus Track
41. Show Me the Money
42. Insane
43. When We Were Young
44. Tell Another Lie
45. Love Is Blind
46. When Worlds Collide
47. Talk to Me
48. Life Death
49. Read My Mind
50. Neverland


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