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Bruno Mars - Unorthodox Jukebox

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2012-12-07 Year: 2012
Label: Atlantic
Genre: Pop,  Soul,  Funk
Producer: Jeff Bhasker,Emile Haynie And Mark Ronson
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Talk about a talented fella! 

'Young Girls' starts off the record smooth sparkling through out its 3 minute and 49 seconds of reign. It puts into perspective how Bruno sometimes feels with all the raging hormonal screaming teenage girls chasing after him.  

'Locked Out Of Heaven' and 'Gorilla' are okay tracks but really didn't grab my attention much like the rest of the album did. 

'Treasure' has a old school 70's Prince funk feel to it. It is a bass dominate song so all you bass players out there can easily play along side with no problem.  

'Moonshine' is my favorite song off this album. Finally us night owls have a song to call our very own. There is just something about 'Moonshine' that draws me in the more and more I listen to it.  

'When I Was Your Man' is a raw and emotional piano ballad. You can just feel the passion Bruno has for the art of music in this track. It is the cherry on top of what is already a super good cake of an album. 'When I Was Your Man' leaves no rock flipflopped in how we all have felt about having to let somebody go for their own good and wishing we had treated them better.  

'Natalie' is sorta like the "Dirty Diane" of this album. It's about how somebody takes you for all you got and you can't wait for karma to catch up with them for it. 

'Show Me' has a modern warm pop approach to reggae while 'Money Make Her Smile' is about gold diggers,people who only care about money. 

'If I Knew' is a really nice short underrated soulful chunk of delight that finishes off this album gracefully. 

Unorthodox Jukebox is a awesome example of how music of yesterday is making a comeback and to be honest I'm all for it. Bruno Mars is on Facebook and Twitter so be sure to go show him some love after giving this album a listen.

You can find this album where ever music is sold!

Tracklisting 1. Young Girls
2. Locked Out Of Heaven
3. Gorilla
4. Treasure
5. Moonshine
6. When I Was Your Man
7. Natalie
8. Show Me
9. Money Make Her Smile
10. If I Knew


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