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Dance With The Dead - Into The Abyss

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Ep
Release date: 2014-03-01 Year: 2014
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Synth,  Heavy Metal,  Electronic
Producer: Dance With The Dead
Artist discography


Dance With The Dead is truly a unique magical duo. 

Over the holidays I came across this band while in search of something new to listen to. Needless to say I found what I was looking for and immediately fell in love with them. After doing some research and checking out all of their material I knew I had to share with everyone my find.

'The Descent' is a underwater errie like quick introduction that gradually builds by the second making the listener feel as if they are actually desending into the abyss. 

'Battle' made me feel like I was lowered into the abyss for a reason,to fight off a evil monster of some sort. It starts off slow then picks up with a catchy electronic beat acompanied by some electric guitar. I thought it was really cool how they were able to pair the two together without making it seem cheesy like most synth artist do. Definately made me look forward to what was to come next. 

'Moon Runner' begins with mysterious melancholy midnight like synth and finishes off with a little electric guitar outro. Couldn't help but picture myself the entire time underwater late into the night running on the sea floor in search of treasure. 

'Mask' is a good example of how well blended the duo makes things. I feel like this song tells the story of having to hid who you are to avoid getting hurt by something or someone in order to make it out of the abyss alive. The abyss of course pertaining to what life is like these days in my opinion.

'Odyssey' sums up what ones underwater adventure yeilded. The electric guitar really shines on this one. 

'Suede' to be honest is the only song I didn't care for much at first. However,once that 6 sixth string rang out I was won over. Like the rest of the EP it is laced with synth and electronica to counterbalance things out. In the end it wasn't that bad of a tune I thought. 

'No Survivors' is my favorite piece off Into The Abyss because it captures what I feel is the true spirit of being out on your own in the water of life and eventually longing for companionship. Kinda made me vision myself being the lone survivor on the planet after some space disaster. 

Overal I think Into The Abyss is a really intresting EP that brings together a splash of 80's nostalgia synth,rave like electronica and heavy metal for one cool treat.  

You can find this piece on iTunes,Spotify and Bandcamp! 

  1. The Descent (Intro)
  2. Battle
  3. Moon Runner
  4. Mask
  5. Odyssey
  6. Suede
  7. No Survivors


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