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Syd Arthur - Apricity

Syd Arthur - Apricity

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Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2016-10-21 Year: 2016
Label: Harvest Records
Genre: Alternative Pop,  Indie pop
Producer: Jason Falkner
Artist discography


Syd Arthur is a British Alternative Pop / Rock band that with their fourth album really surprises in a positive way. They have also worked with the former Jellyfish member Jason Falkner that has given them a stylish and luxurious production.
On their previous albums, they have been clearly more Indie Rock, where you also could find a large dose of alternative and psychedelic jazz. Pretty fuzzy in other words! But here they they found the formula with a mix of classic pop Alternative and Indie Pop. And even though their style feels completely natural and straightforward it’s hard to find a band that sounds like Syd Arthur. If I shall try, they feels like a mix between Mutemath, Spymob and Rooney, a little quirky, but intelligent pop in other words.
When it comes to songs, Apricity is also an album that delivers with high quality from start to finish. Is thinking of the opening of "Coal Mine", the rhythmic "No Peace", but also the atmospheric "Into Eternity". But could actually mention most tracks on this record that is a real hit if you’re this kind of pop/rock.

Tracklisting 1. Coal Mine
2. Plane Crash in Kansas
3. No Peace
4. Sun Rays
5. Into Eternity
6. Rebel Lands
7. Seraphim
8. Portal
9. Evolution
10. Apricity


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