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Troye Sivan - Blue Neighbourhood

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2015-07-15 Year: 2015
Label: Universal Music Australia Pty Ltd.
Genre: Pop,  Electronic
Producer: Alex Hope,SLUMS,Alex JL Hiew,Caleb Nott,Dann Hume,Pip Norman,Emile Haynie,Bram Inscore,Jack Antonoff
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Blue Neighbourhood is the 1st full length album from Troye Sivan. The record is truly a piece of art and just devours up every emotion thinkable. It definately pulled at my heart strings and I hope it will do the same for you as well. 

'Wild' is packed full to the brim of the emotions that consumes ones soul upon being in the presence of that special somebody. Its the feelings of nervous,tempted and utter out desire we all go through and can relate to 100% 

'Fools' delivers to the ears what our thoughts become like around the person our hearts truly aim to be with. I felt this track nailed it when it came to the daydreaming and high hopes of standing a chance. You can also hear the slight doubt filled feeling that is put into our heads by others. I think I can speak for all in saying we tend to act like fools around those we admire and sometimes we allow others to influence us to act a certain way instead of just being ourselves.  

'Ease' covers the scared part of wanting to be with the person society deems you have no chance with. The lyrics are beyond telling of the caring when you know you shouldn't but deep down you don't know how much longer your soul can take hiding it. Personally I have gone through that and let me tell you its one of the hardest things I've ever had to deal with. Troye did a great job painting the picture of that emotion.

'Talk Me Down' takes on a very serious topic,homophobia. This is hands down the most serious piece of work to come from Troye yet. 'Talk Me Down' is thought provoking and just brilliant. It really made me think about how strong those of the LGBTQ community are even in the mist of today's world. The music video  is honestly heartbreaking as it portrays how the words and actions of those who don't approve of who you love (either it be your gay,straight,bi and or etc) can drive you to taking your own life. I never realized until listening to this song just how cruel our planet has become at the hands of hate. I think its awesome how Troye used his music platform to do some good and bring this sensitive subject to the light. People regardless of sexual orientation need to listen to 'Talk Me Down' and watch the music video. It speaks a thousand words. 

'Cool' is a catchy electronic dreamwave pop infused island noir life like track. I think what Troye was going for on this one was the feeling of being not good enough so you change who you are to appear better looking to your crush.  

'Heaven' features a divine duet with a familiar artist that has been shown on the site twice before,Betty Who. 'Heaven' can be described as the song that plays in the head during the madness of hiding how you feel. It opens us up gently to feeling like there is no way you can get to a much higher place or out of the race of loving somebody who is marked forbidden when your heart wants nothing more than to do what it was meant to do,to love another. You feel worn down with the battle of words others have placed in your head and you wish nothing more for it to stop. Hands down 'Heaven' is my favorite jam. 

'Youth' is a very upbeat electronic slice driven song that pretty much is self explanatory. Its about being young and appearing to be bullet proof.  

'Lost Boy' is a nice little jingle that captures the unknown vibes of what the future may hold and feeling lost within it all longing to be found by that special person. I think we all have felt down in out and unsure of our feelings towards something or someone but in the end the truth always can be found within your soul if you just let it breathe in a quite place of reflection.  

'For Him' reminded me of 'Youth' but less electronic and leaning towards the pop and indie side than anything.  

'Suburbia' is a song about growing up in a small town being young and how falling in love can blossom you into the man or woman you were meant to be. 

Blue Neighbourhood is like the autobiography of Troye Sivan in a nut shell. It covers a wide range of feelings and events he himself went through while coming to terms with realizing he was gay. This is a must hear for lovers of pop,electronic and indie. You will not be disappointed.

  1. Wild
  2. Fools
  3. Ease (Ft Broods)
  4. Talk Me Down
  5. Cool
  6. Heaven (Ft Betty Who)
  7. Youth
  8. Lost Boy
  9. For Him (Ft Allday)
  10. Suburbia


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