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Troye Sivan - TRXYE - EP

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Ep
Release date: 2014-08-15 Year: 2014
Label: EMI Australia
Genre: Pop,  Electronic
Producer: Tat Tong, SLUMS , Alex JL Hiew
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TRXYE is the EP that Troye Sivan rode in on into the industry and talk about wow.

'Happy Little Pill' wraps the listeners ears into what Troye describes how some people cope with rough times in their lives. It's about loneliness and how one feels when blocking out the pain with drugs of choice. He actually wrote this song about someone very close to him and himself. It was met by some as negative for the topic yet alone title but I'd like to think it raised awareness in a sense. In my opinion its a song for the lonely who just want to be understood in the mist of their darkness despite the poor choices they've made in life.

'Touch' is a smooth silky starting track that has breaks here and there of electronic beat infused euphoria. Its about heightened senses brought on by realizing how much a touch can mean from someone. 

'Fun' to me is the most lyrical track off this EP cause it delivers a message of begin recruited into the war and having to sweep your emotions under the carpet. Surprisingly it was written due to the fact Troye got turned down for a role in a movie that pertained to the military.

'Gasoline' refers to how Troye felt at the time having to hide he was in the closet for many years and had encounters under the radar. In this track you can just hear his every thought and emotion that he was going through. It gives off ashamed vibes but realizing eventually he will have to come clean. Shortly afterwards I'm happy to report he came out as gay and after that his presence on social media sky rocketed. Talk about an awesome way to use the arts as a way to unleash ones truth. Very powerful.

'The Fault In Our Stars' was written based on the John Green book that later on would of course go to be a mega smash hit movie that we all adored. Honestly this is my favorite track because it has a strong message of hope going out to those battling cancer. I myself am a cancer survivor so immediately I related and found myself having flashbacks to what was the worst year of my entire life. I love how Troye got inspired to write about something that so many have been touched by. I have major respect for him because of this. 

You can find Troye Sivan on various social media outlets but mainly he is on Youtube. His music can be found on just about every music streaming platform! 

Overall I thought TRXYE tackled some pretty sensitive topics with grace.

Tracklisting 1. Happy Little Pill
2. Touch
3. Fun
4. Gasoline
5. The Fault In Our Stars (MMXIV)


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