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Dance With The Dead - The Shape

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2016-02-06 Year: 2016
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Synth,  Heavy Metal,  Electronic
Producer: Dance With The Dead
Artist discography


Dance With The Dead brings to us yet another full length delight! 

While listening to 'There's A Storm Coming' I couldn't help but picture a kings army preparing for battle. I feel it would be placed nicely in a fantasy war film.  

'Eyes Of Madness' is a full on electronic beat assault just like 'Riot' later on. 

'Her Ghost' has a semi dark approach with the synth. All together it gives off a ghostly vibe. I really like how they incorporated the electric guitar in this track because it just adds a certain edge to it. 

'Screams And Whispers' reminded me a little of the previous track but its more guitar enforced. After awhile the electronica beats kick in. 

'Adrift' is a slow synth starting off piece that builds to give away to a dash of Steve Clark inspired guitar element. A electronic beat breaks in only for a moment but fades away to let the synth really shine. They nailed Clark's guitar tone. 

'Horizon' is like the long lost cousin of 'Adrift' while 'Diabolic' has a much more faster electronic beat foundation than both but isn't bad at all. 

'Watching You' pairs together all three genres DWTD is known for very well. There is electronic beat break downs for all the club kids to enjoy and synth for the 80's lovers. The electric guitar just happens to be the icing on the cake and really helps seal this tracks deal. 'Watching You' is my favorite off this 3rd album from DWTD cause it incorporates something for everybody.  

'Quietly Into The Night' is the most guitar dominate track off The Shape album. Its the only piece without synth and is far from quite. 

Overall I think The Shape album really showed how this duo is shaping themselves up. They still have a lot of life left in them and this record is proof.  

You can find The Shape on iTunes,Spotify and Bandcamp!

  1. There's A Storm Coming
  2. Eyes Of Madness
  3. Her Ghost
  4. Screams And Whispers
  5. Adrift
  6. Riot
  7. Horizion
  8. Diabolic
  9. Watching You
  10. Quietly Into The Night


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