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Sparks - Hippopotamus

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-09-08 Year: 2017
Label: BMG Rights Management (UK) Ltd.
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: Ron Mael / Russell Mael
Artist discography


Sparks, there´s no band like them. Ron and Russell Mael have been together for 45 years now, releasing 23 studio albums and once in a while, do something remarkable like the 21 night Sparks Spectacular show in London (2008) where they performed each of their 21 albums in chronological order. Each night they performed an album in it´s entirety.
In 2009, the brothers went pop opera with the radio musical "The seduction of Ingmar Bergman" and in 2015, they collaborated with Franz Ferdinand and released an album as FFS.
But in 2017, they´re back as Sparks, the way we´re used to hear them.
With a mix of both the old and the new, "Hippopotamus" has elements of the classical-influences in their albums "Lil´ Beethoven" and "Hello Young Lovers" and the artpop of their 70´s albums "Kimono My House" and "Propaganda".
The new album is wonderfully artistic, entertaining, charming and packed with enough pop-goods to fill an oil tanker. Best tracks : "Edith Piaf (said it better than me)", "The amazing Mr.Repeat", "Hippopotamus" and "Missionary position".

Tracklisting 1. Probably Nothing
2. Missionary Position
3. Edith Piaf (Said It Better Than Me)
4. Scandinavian Design
5. Giddy Giddy
6. What the Hell Is It This Time?
7. Unaware
8. Hippopotamus
9. Bummer
10. I Wish You Were Fun
11. So Tell Me Mrs. Lincoln Aside from That How Was the Play?
12. When You're a French Director
13. The Amazing Mr. Repeat
14. A Little Bit Like Fun
15. Life with the Macbeths


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