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Goldroom - Embrace B-Sides - EP

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Ep
Release date: 2015-01-01 Year: 2015
Label: Downtown Records
Genre: Indie pop,  Electronic
Producer: Goldroom
Artist discography


Goldroom brings to us yet another California beach vibe night life inspired piece. 

'Sweetness Alive' is honestly the only song off Embrace B-Sides I could really get into. I liked the combination of the smooth vocals paired with the tropical like electronic beat. I think 'Sweetness Alive' captures the eccentric side of beach goers who seek a fun yet sun soaking experince. 

'Only You Can Show Me The Way' is definately the most night club life influenced while 'Adalita' covers the strolling alongside the boardwalk with friends kinda afternoon.

'Pacific' brings Embrace B-Sides to a nice mellow closing. It is a track that made me picture gently gliding on a surf board headed to shore where friends await my arrival sitting by a camp fire at dusk.

Overall I felt this 4 song EP lacked the wow factor compared to previously released work but was none the less a okay effort on Goldrooms behalf. 

Tracklisting 1. Sweetness Alive (Feat. Say Lou Lou)
2. Only You Can Show Me (Feat. Mereki)
3. Adalita (Feat. Chela)
4. Pacific


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