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Jorn - Life on Death Road

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-06-02 Year: 2017
Label: Frontiers Records
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Alessandro Del Vecchio
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The collaboration between Jorn Lande and the guys of Wig Wam has come to an end, after a few albums together, Jorn has teamed up with a new band on "Life on death road".
Jorn has gathered 3/5 members of Primal Fear on the new album, Mat Sinner - Bass, Alex Beyrodt - Guitars, Fransesco Jovino - Drums are the new backing band behind Jorn together with producer Alessandro Del Vecchio on keyboards.
Jorn said he wasn´t interested in doing "just another Jorn record" and after have listened to "Life on death road", it sounds like..........just another Jorn record.
I guess the new band and a new producer didn´t have any effect at all on the finished product, well one thing........the rhythm guitars are so low in the mix that I start to wonder if it´s heavy metal or not?!
I really wasn´t expecting anything monumental since Jorn has been releasing albums lately where the quality has been up and down like a roller coaster ride. He went from the weak "Bring heavy rock to the land" (2012) to the awesome albums "Symphonic" and "Traveller" in 2013.
Then back the ok "Dracula : Swing of death" in 2015 and lastly the disappointing covers album "Heavy rock radio" in 2016.
You know the everyday routine drill, when you get up to work every day 5 times a week and look forward to the weekend to get some time off. "Life on death road" is more like another day at work instead of a weekend feeling.
Perhaps both Jorn and producer Alessandro Del Vecchio should take a break, Del Vecchio writes and produces albums on a regular basis just like assembly line jobs.

Tracklisting 1. Life on Death Road
2. Hammered to the Cross (The Business)
3. Love Is the Remedy
4. Dreamwalker
5. Fire to the Sun
6. Insoluble Maze (Dreams in the Blindness)
7. I Walked Away
8. The Slippery Slope (Hangman's Rope)
9. Devil You Can Drive
10. The Optimist
11. Man of the 80's 
12. Blackbirds


Melodic Net Comments 

Sorry but this album is one of a worst Jorn ever done. Hope he will release something new soon. Agree with P.Bazza
2017-08-16 11:10:48

P Bazza
Hate to say it but Alessandro Del Vecchio ruins too many albums! Why he has to be involved in so many of the Frontiers releases I just don't know - it actually stops me from buying them! .... Very mediocre producer and a keyboardist who is sadly lacking any originality.
2017-06-11 23:59:05