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Tribal Ink - Surrounded by freaks

Reviewer :
Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2007-04-28 Year: 2007
Label: Bonnier/Amigo
Genre: NuMetal
Artist discography


The Swedish TV channel TV 3 had a contest where they
were looking for rock musicians to build a rockband on
last year,it was called "Wannabe" and the TV viewers could
follow them from week to week how a band slowly took form.

The five guys who won got the chance to do some gigs and
record a single called "To my face" which didn?t sell very well
but the people responsible behind this circus wanted the
band to record a full length CD anyway.

The result is this lame piece of work titled "Tribal Ink"
which is a pretty weak try to ride on the numetal wave
being 2nd division clones of P.O.D!

Where?s the glow?,where?s the energy?.....I think there
are some nice riffs and good melodies like in the songs
"Right behind you" and "I?m a liar" but there?s no heart
and soul in the performance so it falls rather hard and
ends up like a cold soup....yeuch!

The only thing I come to think about when I hear this album
is that Tribal Ink is like a numetal version of the good old
lads in Electric Boys,but they had the groove when these
young boys who without doubt can play - JUST CAN?T ROCK!

The bottom line to this story is that you can?t put together
a rockband like a factory made product,it?s like Brynn Arens
says in FLIPP...."-Rock comes from your cock!"

Tracklisting 1. Tribalistic Cuts
2. To My Face
3. Don't You Push Me
4. Refugee
5. California Love
6. Right Behind You
7. I'm Free
8. I Try So Hard
9. Pick Me Up
10. I'm A Liar -Believe Me
11. Try To Be Me
12. Living On A Lie


Melodic Net Comments 

I downloaded their song, Refugee, and totally fell in love with it! The only problem was that it said the artist was Linkin Park, which made me a little mad. They're clearly different, but I guess they're still not popular enough for people to actually tell they're not LP. Tribal Ink rocks!!!

This band is awesome I loved the album...This review is shit....They deserve more credit than they are getting

I also downloaded three songs listed as linkin park from minutes to midnight. The songs were great. I bought the cd the next day because of the three songs. I was disappointed when the songs were not on there. After listening to the songs again I noticed Chester B. was not the singer. I figured out one of the songs was Refugee by Tribal Ink. I was wondering if the other two are Tribal Ink. I titled the songs Deafening Voices and I'm Startin' To Fly (because I'm not sure of the exact titles). Are these Tribal Ink songs too? If not any idea who does these songs also listed as linkin park?

The metal head
I totally love "tell it to my face" and "right behind you" is a beutiful piece of work. i only have two bad thing to say about tribal ink. 1 the rapper needs to put more emotion into his rapping. 2 THEY NEED MORE ADVERTIZING!!!!

i was on downloading linking park and i got this song i never heard of when i wasd looking on forums i got their names and i started downloading songs ever since and thier awsome

This > M2M Linkin Park I love old Linkin Park, this is what I expected M2m to be like...but instead they tryed being diffrent and they failed in my opinion, Tribal Ink is the new Linkin Park and they kick ass

This band is awesome no matter what people say about them and they're great to listen to because they relate to people's lives. And that's just low when people say crap about them.

this band rocks what the hecks wrong with some ppl try doin ur job a lil better n i think all these ppl will agree

Comment by roden at 2007-05-10 13:47:12 My rating: -Who is this dickhead doing the review, this band are awsome, get a new job bud, your an ass. Soz giving top rating. rite with u roden this guy doesnt know what hes talking about (im rating this 5 bcuz i like the band)

what r u a retar!!!! this band rules. I think it sounds more like LP than POD

I loooove tribal ink and all of their music, there are a few areas where their lyrics are... different, but everything is so to the point that you can listen to it no matter what mood you're in. I don't know why there aren't more people who know of Tribal Ink... I feel that if Linkin Park is as big as it is Tribal Ink should also be right up there. I also don't feel that Tribal Ink doesn't have soul in their music because in order to write lyrics like Tribal Ink's you have to really know what you're talking about. Tribal Ink definately does. <3 peace Heidi C.

Reviewer you are so wrong, maybe your opinion is slanted by fact you saw the show wannabe and how un-natural it is for bands to be formed that way. I love Linkin park but still think that Tribal INk is way better than linkin parks - minutes too midnight- , Maybe these guys should market themselves more to US and AUS markets rather than europe.
2007-06-16 07:40:21

They actually a pretty good band
2007-06-05 22:21:12

If you really want a band similar to Linkin Park, download Dry Cell - Disconnected. The album was supposed to be released in 2002, but never got out due to a dispute with their label (Warner ironically). Anyhow, if you were surprised by Tribal Ink, Dry Cell will win you over even more so.
2007-06-05 07:00:58

Does anyone know where I can buy this CD? Peace, Jimmy
2007-05-22 20:56:21

Tracklisting 1. (00:04:20) Tribal Ink - Tribalistic Cuts 2. (00:03:30) Tribal Ink - To My Face 3. (00:03:17) Tribal Ink - Don´t You Push Me 4. (00:03:11) Tribal Ink - Refugee 5. (00:03:40) Tribal Ink - California Love 6. (00:03:27) Tribal Ink - Right Behind You 7. (00:02:58) Tribal Ink - I´m Free 8. (00:03:17) Tribal Ink - I Try So Hard 9. (00:03:49) Tribal Ink - Pick Me Up 10. (00:03:41) Tribal Ink - I´m a Liar (Believe Me) 11. (00:02:35) Tribal Ink - Try to Be Me 12. (00:03:38) Tribal Ink - Living On a Lie
2007-05-14 15:59:43

Who is this dickhead doing the review, this band are awsome, get a new job bud, your an ass. Soz giving top rating.
2007-05-10 13:47:12

This album is cool, shut up you prick! reveiwer is an asshole
2007-05-10 13:33:34

lknpark lva
i love linkin park. Someone gave me the "minutes to midnight". After i listened to them for a while, i realised the lead singer was not chester bennington, the lead of linkin park. I came to the conclusion that it was another band, Tribal Ink, but they still sounded alright. Still i have songs other than "refugee", like "the little things give you away","afraid this time" and "real life"(the one that goes liar liar pants on fire).
2007-05-10 02:12:17

the review was completely wrong these guys rule my fav band linkin park second fav tribal ink
2007-05-05 08:21:40

I love their lyrics and the style´s cool. I would give them a stronger rating but I appriciate a more intricate style of guitars and melody. They´re still bad ass and I think using Linkin Park to get promotion was an ingenius idea. It worked didn´t it? High Five!
2007-05-04 23:45:28

The Truth
They´re ok, but it´s lame using a great band name like linkin park to get your song out.
2007-05-01 16:30:54

2007-04-25 05:39:46

I did the same as many - thought it was Linkin Park, found these. Got the album anyway, loved it. Really good. Some songs have an old school pearl jam kind of sound, others totally different and modern-sounding for 2003.
2007-04-23 23:52:04

yea, i thought i was downloading what ive done, but it ended up with refugee. its a cool song anyways ;)
2007-04-21 22:13:24

Cooool music! The website is out of action. :( More info? Somebody?
2007-04-21 13:58:15

like everyone else i crossed this band by mistake; the style is cool and the tracks are great; they need more advertising ; awsome tunes
2007-04-20 08:44:03

The reason why they didn´t do any good here in Seden was that came out from a lousy b tv-show called "Wananbe". It was terrible with even more terrible, yes "wanna be rockstars" miles away from the quality of Rockstar. In Sweden is numetal not that hot compared to the "real" metal that has been very popular since the 80´s so this project sank like a big stone from day one. I´m not sure what they´re up to these days, but the last thing I heard was the the vocalist was writing some tune for Melodifestivalen, a qualification for the Eurovision Song Contest (schlager music).
2007-04-20 08:12:20

this band is awsome !!! 5 star all the way (y) u need to get more information on the web and advertisment, refugee is an awsome song it aint weak!!!
2007-04-20 03:48:08

i thought i was downloading "what i´ve done" but instead i got this freakin awesome song. Who are these guys?! They are great. I´m having trouble finding some of their other stuff if they have any tho
2007-04-18 05:34:27

I´m a Linkin Park fan who came here because of a misstake in downloading minutes to midnight :D I love the song "refugee" It´s great. I think the band should have a page where you can find the real names of the songs of this album -.-
2007-04-17 21:49:44

I´m a linkin park fan and these guys are nearly as good. They´d be very popular if people could actually hear there music. I only came across there music by accident trying to find new linkin park songs. With more advertising they would be huge!
2007-04-16 12:12:11

This band is awesome. But hard to find any information about them. Not even a bandwebsite.
2007-04-10 15:18:48

I freakin love Refugee! This guy is crazy
2007-04-07 20:19:14

I love the music, its not weak!!!!!
2007-04-03 16:36:17

nah man... this band freakn rocks!!!
2007-04-02 23:44:48

listen on spotify