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Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark?

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-06-16 Year: 2017
Label: Warner Bros
Genre: Alternative Rock
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I guess Mike Kerr - Vocals/Bass and Ben Thatcher - Drums of Royal Blood felt some pressure when they went into the studio to record album no.2, but instead of taking any chances, they play it safe and continues on the same path as their debut.
Their 2014 album got them to win the Best British Group Award at the 2015 Brit Awards, so why change a winning formula? The new album "How did we get so dark?" is predictable but it´s also packed with 34 minutes of great riff rock or stoner pop that might be a more suitable way to describe the genre of this duo.
A good thing is that Mike Kerr and his octaver keep winning fans over from pop to rock, making more teens want to play the bass instead of dreaming to become the next popular DJ.
If someone says, -You can´t play rock and roll without guitar! Just play Royal Blood to them. The riff on "Hook, line and sinker" would make Leslie West of Mountain proud and if Supertramp decided to play heavy rock, the result could very well be the track "Hole in your heart".
"Look like you know" bring thoughts to Queens of The Stone Age, it´s one of the weaker moments on the new album while the title track "How did we get so dark?" is truly a highlight where the band is flirting with Biffy Clyro on the outro.
Marc Bolan meets Slade in "She´s creeping", Mike Kerr even sounds like Slade´s bassist Jim Lea, with the same flourish style and unique sound.
I like this!
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Tracklisting 1. How Did We Get So Dark?
2. Lights Out
3. I Only Lie When I Love You
4. She's Creeping
5. Look Like You Know
6. Where Are You Now?
7. Don't Tell
8. Hook, Line & Sinker
9. Hole in Your Heart
10. Sleep


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