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Doda Havet - self-titled

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Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2016-11-11 Year: 2016
Label: Open Mind Records
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: yet to be added
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This is one of last year's coolest surprises in my opinion. I discovered it a bit late (didn’t get the link until March 2017!), though it was out in November 2016. The band is DÖDA HAVET, from Uppsala in Sweden. Imagine their country mates KENT but with a progressive touch and also hints of hard rock elements. Or I might call it melodic rock with a mix of later RUSH, IQ and MAGIC PIE. In a way, Swedes MÅRRAN could be mentioned as well, although they have a much more 70’s melancholic progressive vibe and sound. The lyrics are in Swedish here, but I am sure a lot of non-Swedish listeners will love this anyway.

Swedes will probably also hear some vibes of early PUGH ROGEFELDT in some songs.
It's wonderful that this 5-piece is not scared of creating a rich sound, with 70's keyboards and biting guitars when needed. A strength is that they can handle soft as well as heavier parts, and switch from one to the other in a truly obvious and seemingly casual way. Cool!

There is also a folk:ish vibe in a few songs; well, the instrumental "Tystlåten" is even quite folk:ish overall (the song is a lovely wordplay in Swedish, as it means "quiet"and "the silent song" at the same time). “Besviken” (“Disappointed” in English) is one of the songs where I find similarities to later RUSH, when it comes to the energetic guitars. Same goes for the cool opener “Elden” with its distinct beat and slightly melancholic touch.

Not too much to mention negatively here. OK, I would have loved more harmony vocals than what we get here, but that's really a minor complaint. This is a truly good album! Available on both CD, vinyl and as digital files. Get this!


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