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Robert Plant - lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar

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Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2014-09-05 Year: 2014
Label: Nonesuch/Warner Bros
Genre: Classic Rock,  Folk Rock
Producer: Robert Plant
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With this release Robert Plant is created an album which is intimate as well as experimental. With “Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar”, his 10th solo effort, Plant has found a sound that is exiting, it's spine is Folk and Mississippi Blues, but he manages to implement other influences as well.

“Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar” has some interesting sometimes even dark lyrics.
When taking a close look to them it is clear they are often personal and from a point is Plant's relation was over.
He sings about this with an overwheling emotion.
These blue feelings are the cornerstones on this album.
But Plant does not only sing about the really bad times, he manages to give the message of hope and happiness as well.

Also the in between not standard music twists are marvelous.
Plant's wide musical vision is really a fest for your ears and his voice mostly introvert ,sounds like a Nightingale.

Filled sounds of banjo, some electronic loops and very interesting West African percussion the 11 songs roll down on a landscape of drums and guitars smoothly shiftng between different cultural melodies.
There is so much to embrace it will take you some spins to get to know how genius this album is.

Fans of the old Led Zeppelin or Page/Plant days that still expect Robert to Belt out i suggest to wear some other glasses to look at his career today and embrace the beauty of the voice and the very talented way to produce an album with so many different elements and still manages to make it sound very organic.

“Little Maggy” kicks of the album wih a very deep south american banjo tune.

Just listen to the more radio friendly and smooth rock ballad “Rainbow”.

Musically more on the experimental side is “Pockerful of Golden” which is a mix between folk influences and a slice of industrial a strange combination perhaps, but Plant makes it work.

An emotional song with lots of elements is “Embrace Another Fall”. It has it's base on a fantastic drum rythm with african roots.
Also it features Welsh-language folk singer Julie Murphy, performing the verse of a 14th century poem “Marwnad yr Ehedydd” in her native language.
I suggest to closely listen to the many layers in the arrangement.
One of the highlights on this release for shure.

Musically with an experimental more industrial  loop is “Turn It Up”.
This song to my opinion does not add anything to the general atmosphere on this release. The only thing making this interesting are the guitarsolo and more Led Zeppelin like voacals here and there.

It probably is impossible to sound more mature vocally than he does on the ballad “Stolen Kiss” I Think this song might be the best song he has ever sung! Not only the voice, but also his perfect timing.
His song stands out from the others.

“Somebody There” is a nice more guitar oriented straight rocksong.

“Poor Howard” combines North African/Middle eastern and folk rythms with a southern USA Banjo feel.

“House of Love” is interesting being a new version of the old “Jimmy Page/Robert Plant” song with new lyrics and a totally different sound.

The last highlight is “Up On The Hollow Hill (Understanding Arthur)” with his moody rythm, big guitars it has an epic 70's sound including some space influences as well.
A Fantastic song!

The album closes with another experimental song, blending influences together again, An ambient electronic intro changes quickly into Reggae with space influences as well. Another example of the diversity of Robert Plant.
Not that it really fits in with the rest of the album but somehow it does work.

Ronding this album up i'd say It’s a very deep album, an album that grows on you after each spin.
You need to have to give it time and space to sink in to find all the layers.
And most of all, don't compare it to Led Zeppelin, this one has it's own soul.

Tracklisting 1. Little Maggie
2. Rainbow
3. Pocketful of Golden
4. Embrace Another Fall
5. Turn It Up
6. A Stolen Kiss
7. Somebody There
8. Poor Howard
9. House of Love
10. Up On the Hollow Hill (Understanding Arthur)
11. Arbaden (Maggie's Babby)


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