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Hey Violet - From the Outside

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-06-16 Year: 2017
Label: Hey or Hi Records
Genre: Pop
Artist discography


Los Angeles based Hey Violet are smart enough to know that pop is selling more than rock these days so I get why they are jumping on the pop train to stardom, but they have also lost some of their identity on the debut album "From the outside".
Formerly known as Cherri Bomb, an all female hard rock band, the members Rena Lovelis - Bass, Nia Lovelis - Drums and Miranda Miller - Keyboards/Guitar, released the album "This is the end of control" in 2012 together with lead singer Julia Pierce.
Julia left the band in 2013 with Rena taking over the lead vocal duties, Casey Moreta - Lead Guitar joined the band and they changed their name and sound in 2015 as Hey Violet. The first release is the "I can feel it" EP in 2015 where the band introduced their new pop/rock sound.
The "Brand New Moves" followed in 2016 and a new bassplayer in Iain Shipp, the two tracks "Brand New Moves" and "Fuqboi" are also included on the full length album "From The Outside".
The new album features the singles "Break My Heart" and "Guys My Age" where the catchy "Break My Heart" is a good song but "Guys My Age" only feels like plastic dance pop, shallow and forgettable. Just like the terrible "O.D.D".
Electro pop tunes like "Hoodie", "Unholy" and "Brand New Moves" are uplifting and perfect for your mixtape, but my personal favorite is "Like Lovers Do" that is a bit different with the dramatic acoustic verse leading to a luxurious pop/rock chorus.
Hey Violet anno 2017 sounds like Icona Pop meets The Veronicas, the new album is a bit uneven with the more pop/rock oriented songs being the positive side about this album. The glam-punk of "This Is Me Breaking Up With You" is an echo of their early sound of kick-ass-rock. Too bad there wasn´t more of this style but the band wants to keep their dance-pop costumes on.

Tracklisting 1. Break My Heart
2. Brand New Moves
3. Guys My Age
4. Hoodie
5. My Consequence
6. O.D.D.
7. All We Ever Wanted
8. Fuqboi
9. Unholy
10. Where Have You Been (All My Night)
11. Like Lovers Do
12. This Is Me Breaking Up With You


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