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Riverdogs - California

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-07-07 Year: 2017
Label: Frontiers Music
Genre: Classic Rock
Producer: Nick Brophy
Artist discography


I´m amazed that Vivian Campbell found some time off from touring with Def Leppard and his side-project Line In Line, to record another album with Riverdogs. I´m glad he did because the world needs another record from this underrated band, and this time around also a full length album since the previous "World Gone Mad" from 2011 was a mini album.
"California" opens with the rather average "American dream" where the chorus "Hey Hey Hey" really don´t belong on a Riverdogs record, it´s not the signum of a great Riverdogs song. But things get better from here, "The revolution starts tonight" is next and it´s a bluesy rocker that sounds really good. 
And blues is the word of the day for this band because the following "Something inside" is even more bluesy, at first I wasn´t too impressed by the song itself except Lamothe´s great vocalperformance but I´ve gotten to like it more now.
Rob Lamothe is such an awesome singer, he can make anything sound good. I would even buy a record of lullabies with this guy. But don´t worry, it´s not time for a lullaby just yet because "California" is a 100% rock album where the highlights are "The heart is a mindless bird", "Golden glow" and "Ten thousand reasons".
Welcome back!

Tracklisting 1. American Dream
2. The Revolution Starts Tonight
3. Something Inside
4. Golden Glow
5. You're Too Rock and Roll
6. The Heart Is a Mindless Bird
7. Searching for a Signal
8. Welcome to the New Disaster
9. Ten Thousand Reasons
10. Catalina
11. I Don't Know Anything


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