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Imagine Dragons - Evolve

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-06-23
Label: KIDinaKORNER/Interscope Records
Genre: Alternative Pop
Artist discography


After a first successful album, the 2nd one is the hardest one to make and a lot of people have plenty of expectations on the band from the record label to the fans. Us reviewers aren´t anything most artists care about so our expectations simply go up in smoke, if you ask the artist.
The 3rd album however, is another story, when the band/artist manages to follow-up a successful debut, they can relax and enjoy the ride. That´s exactly how I feel Imagine Dragons did when they wrote and recorded their 3rd album "Evolve", it sounds inspiring, fun to listen to and my god, it´s filled to max with great stadium-pop songs.
They have already released 4 singles from "Evolve" where all 4 are bloody great, "Thunder", "Whatever it takes", "Believer" and "Walking the wire". Add 7 more awesome tracks to the list and you will get an album both the fans and the record label will appreciate to death. I mean, how can you resist new classics like "Mouth of the river", "Yesterday" and "I don´t know why"?! I can not!
I saw them live on the "Smoke+Mirrors" tour and I´ll be damned if I won´t get my ass up to see the band on their upcoming world tour. What a great band!

Tracklisting 1. I Dont Know Why
2. Whatever It Takes
3. Believer
4. Walking the Wire
5. Rise Up
6. I will Make It Up To You
7. Yesterday
8. Mouth of the River
9. Thunder
10. Start Over
11. Dancing In the Dark


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