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Cant Swim - Fail You Again

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-03-10 Year: 2017
Label: Pure Noise Records
Genre: Punk Rock
Artist discography


New Jersey based Can´t Swim has other concerns in life than to be worried if their songs will get some airplay on radio or not, these guys care more about not losing their friends.
You can get rich on money but real richness comes with having close friends and Can´t Swim understands that, once you get into their world of lyrics, you will see what I mean.
This 5-piece band delivers a blend of rock and old school punk like Bad Religion meets The Skids with a touch of Deaf Havana. Sounds good eh?!
Check out the single "We won´t sleep", if you like that song, you´ll dig the rest too.
The track "Hey Amy" bring thoughts to the early days when Goo Goo Dolls used to rock, but my choice for the next single is the opening track "What´s your big idea?" that feels like a rocker filled with nitroglycerin and a supercatchy chorus.
I like most part of the new album except for the last 4 tracks that are a bit weaker, however with bands like Can´t Swim I´m happy to say that rock isn´t dead!

Tracklisting 1.What´s your big idea
2.We won´t sleep
6.Hey Amy
8.One Shot
10.Show me
11.Molly´s desk
12.All the moves we make are in the dark


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Did you know that?

That writer Kaj Roth sings background vocals on Hammerfall´s cover of Skid Row´s Youth gone wild on their 2007 album Masterpieces.

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