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The Nights - The Nights

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-08-04 Year: 2017
Label: Frontiers Music
Genre: AOR
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I am impressed by the fans of the melodic rock genre that are loyal to all releases that are coming out, I mean we have Frontiers Music that releases 4-5 albums every month and that´s just one record label out of a handful in Europe that focuses on melodic rock. They might not sell a million copies like in the heyday of AOR in the 80´s when Foreigner, ToTo and Journey were huge, but they still sell enough to keep the label going.
The Nights from Finland is another new band that has that typical modern AOR-ish sound, you know with heavy metal guitars, disco drums and 80´s choruses. You know the drill, we´ve heard it before and The Nights aren´t really here to reinvent the wheel either. I miss the great lost art of pink-and-fluffy AOR because now it´s just about a wall of sound. Perhaps I´m just and old and grumpy since I have many friends that truly appreciates this kind of music.
The genre has evolved into something that I´m no friend of but on the other hand, I´m glad melodic rock is still around alive and kicking. Highlights : I will never stop loving you, We can rule the world
For fans of One Desire, Dynazty, The Magnificent

Tracklisting 1.Welcome to the show
2.Nothing but love
4.I will never stop loving you
5.In a blink of an eye
6.Hold on
8.Take me to heaven
9.You belong to me tonight
10.I wanna be your superhero
11.We can rule the world


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Although some Eagles fans insist that the band´s name is simply Eagles, guitarist Don Felder told TV´s Night Talk in 2009, the band´s name is The Eagles.

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