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Nothing More - The stories we tell ourselves

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-09-15 Year: 2017
Label: Better Noise Records
Genre: Alternative Metal
Producer: Will Hoffman
Artist discography


Let´s start with a Nothing More quiz and see how much you know about this band!
1.What position did their new album The Stories We Tell Ourselves reach on the Billboard Top 200?
2.What is the name of their new drummer Ben Anderson´s former band?
3.What made a painful impression on singer Jonny Hawkins when he was in grade school?
4.What does Nothing More have in common with indie rock band Swimming With Bears?

You can think about it for a while and listen to Nothing More´s 5th album "The Stories We Tell Ourselves" while you figure out the answers.
Ok, so they´ve got a new drummer and I hope he will be around for some time because drummers are slightly becoming an issue in this band. Frontman Jonny Hawkins started out behind the drumkit before he decided to focus on singing.
They brought in Devin Travieso for the tour of "The Few Not Fleeting" who stuck with the band for more than 2 years but needed a break for maintaining his body, mind and spirit and is now an assistent student pastor in Texas.
Next drummer was Paul O´Brien who played on their self-titled album but being on the road touring, wasn´t for Paul who stepped down in 2015 and he is replaced by Ben Anderson. Another excellent drummer in Nothing More.
And you can tell drummers are important in this band´s sound because the songs are both very rhythmic, powerful and quite technical.
This band is unique, there aren´t any other bands in rock and roll sounding like Nothing More. What they have created, is theirs and theirs only.
"The Stories We Tell Ourselves" might just be the most important 58 minutes you will experience this fall, don´t let this album pass you by, it will fill the void you have in your everyday life.

Answers to the quiz above:
1.#15 on the Billboard Top 200 album chart.
2.Ben Anderson was the drummer in Digital Summer between 2009-2012.
3.Jonny Hawkins tried out for the school choir but wasn´t accepted.
4.Will Hoffman is the artist manager for both bands.



1.Ambition / Destruction

2.Do you really want it?

3.Convict / Divide

4.Let ´em burn

5.Ripping me apart

6.Don´t stop

7.Funny little creatures

8.React / Respond

9.The great divorce

10.Still in love

11.Alone / Together

12.Go to war

13.Just say when

14.Accept / Disconnect

15.Who we are


17.End / Begin

18.Fade In / Fade Out


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