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Foo Fighters - Concrete and Gold

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-09-15 Year: 2017
Label: RCA Records
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Greg Kurstin
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In a world where reality tv, American Idol and free music on Spotify is king, Kanye West would be the alternative for you. but in the old world where analog tape, Clint Eastwood on the big screen and record stores in every corner rule. Foo Fighters will eat Kanye West for breakfast and piss on the crumbs on the floor.
Of all the arena rock bands still around, Foo Fighters might be the last band standing within ten years from now and their 9th studio album "Concrete and Gold" is a fine example from these superheroes of rock, showing how it´s done.

The first single "Run" is a new live classic, just as sure as Kim Jong Un is launching another missile like King Kong punching on his chest. The second single "The sky is a neighborhood" grows like the beanstalk in the fairytale "Jack and the beanstalk".
The track "Arrows" would potentially be the next single after "The Line", it´s much better and a traditional Grohl tune that has it´s place on a future Greatest Hits collection. "Sunday rain" has the same groove as something from Queen´s The Game featuring a ultracool John Deacon-inspired bassline and an arrangement that bring thoughts to INXS.
"Happy Ever After" is another fave of mine where the name Paul McCartney pop into my head, love the harmonies on this song. The title track "Concrete and Gold" is massive, what a terrific psychedelic rock song almost like Galactic Cowboys meets Pink Floyd. This is how a wall of vocals should sound like.


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