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Circus of The West - We´ll see ourselves out

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-05-15 Year: 2017
Label: Circus of The West
Genre: Classic Rock
Producer: Adam Levy
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When I saw the artwork of Minneapolis based Circus of The West´s debut album "We´ll see ourselves out", I expected a folk-rock album but it´s not.
The music : Well it´s hard to define their sound because this band play classic rock but with traces of Americana, 60´s pop and even 80´s new wave. As songwriters, they´re ok. The album is a bit uneven but there are a few good songs like "Valentine eye", "Finale" that bring thoughts to Elton John and the upbeat "Birdhand" that sounds like REO Speedwagon meets Peter Frampton.
The production : Adam Levy of The Honeydogs is the captain behind the soundscape of this circus and I like the seperation between the instruments, making it a clear sound but I think the production also feels a bit light. There could´ve been more muscles to it.
The performance : They´re not really bad, but not great either. I think playing a lot of shows will only do them good, and practice man, practice. I´m no friend of singer Edwin Caldie´s voice which is a shame since he truly delivers some good melodies from time to time throughout the album.

Tracklisting 1.Birdhand
2.Some connections
4.Nothing special
6.Valentine eye
7.Looking in


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