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Hell In The Club - See you on the dark side

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-09-15 Year: 2017
Label: Frontiers Music
Genre: Hard Rock,  Sleaze
Producer: Simone Mularoni
Artist discography


Reality shows on TV today all have the same setup, no matter what type of show from baking, cooking, dancing, singing, or just a bunch of people trying to get along, living in the same house. It starts with a certain number of contestants and a jury, and every week one has to leave until there´s only one left who is the winner.
Even a 5-year old could be in charge of the production of such TV, it´s even more predictable than a Hollywood ending. 
And I´m afraid the 4th album "See you on the dark side" from Italian hard rock band Hell In The Club is just as predictable as reality TV, these guys released a good album with "Shadow of the monster" in 2016 and the new one sounds like a carbon copy except it´s missing the good stuff.
If you´re looking for memorable songs, look elsewhere. I only found one song that stand out and it´s "I wanna swing like Peter Parker", but if you believe Gotthard, Dokken and Pink Cream 69 are gods of rock. Then you should absolutely get yourself a copy of "See you on the dark side". It´s not bad, it´s just so average.


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Love Hate was a melodic hard rock/AOR band before changing direction on the sensational debut "Blackout in the red room"

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