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Vault 51 - KID

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Kaj Roth Format: Ep
Release date: 2017-07-20 Year: 2017
Label: Vault 51
Genre: Alternative Rock
Producer: Drew Fulk
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Atlanta, Georgia based Vault 51 set the bar high right away with the opening track "Thirty six", an explosive rocker that sounds so much 2017 and I get the feeling this band weren´t just lucky with writing one good song because there´s more to follow.
Second track "We don´t care" is modern metal by the book, perhaps the weakest song on this EP but still not bad. The new single "Wildfire" comes next and this song is handmade for active rock radio, many bands would kill for that chorus.
4th track "Magnolia" is also released as a single and video available on Youtube, this one is a bit different with a more atmospheric sound that only shows the band´s strength as songsmiths. My favorite is "Mourning view" that sounds like today´s Linkin Park meets One Ok Rock, a perfect blend of alternative pop and stadium rock.
"Sincerely, me" closes the EP in a fine way, a song that would fit just right on a Bring Me The Horizon album. So with that in mind, I can only say that "KID" is a well produced EP with a set of really strong rock/metal songs.

Tracklisting 1.Thirty six
2.We don´t care
5.Mourning view
6.Sincerely, me


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