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H.E.A.T - Into the great unknown

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Johan Wippsson Format: Album
Release date: 2017-09-22 Year: 2017
Label: Gain Music
Genre: AOR
Producer: Tobias Lindell
Artist discography


Last time H.E.A.T released an album, that was when I really got my eyes opened to them. I thought they really grew up on music wise on Tearing Down the Walls and I loved the riffs and melodies on there. So I was a bit sad to hear that Eric Rivers had departed from the band, but that fact paved way for Dave Dalone to return to the fold. The result? This album, Into the Great Unknown.


Opening track Bastard of Society is pure party rock in the vein of bands like Crazy Lixx. We are then treated to an interesting piece, called Redefine. The title suits the music as this is not something I have heard from HEAT before. It features some nice keyboards from Joona Tee. Other that I must say that I mostly like the party rock anthems, with a high tempo and some nice riffing, like the catchy Blind Leading the Blind. There are however some weaker songs as well, which drags down the general quality of the album.


Overall, I think that fans of the band will soak this up in a heartbeat, all things that are classic HEAT is here, and Erik Grönwall keeps impressing as a rock vocalist, especially on a song like We Rule. Sure, they explore a bit new territory when it comes to the sound, but do they go into the great unknown? Nah, I think they stay on some pretty familiar ground. There is nothing wrong with that though, as this is a really good rock album. We did however, expected nothing less.



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