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Crockett - Songs For The Forgotten

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Ep
Release date: 2017-01-20 Year: 2017
Label: 617581 Records DK
Genre: Retrowave,  Synth,  Electronic
Producer: Crockett
Artist discography


Songs For The Forgotten is the 4th and latest work of art from Crockett.

'Four Minutes Til Sunrise' opens things smoothly. I felt it really enveloped the magical yet mystical essence that comes with awaiting the suns arrival. If there was to ever be a music video for this song I can totally picture a loner riding off into the the horizon to meet up with the sun in the sky. 

'Standing At The Edge Of The World' gave me the feeling I was near a cliff looking off into the distance admiring the nature around us this planet has to offer. 

'The Stars Above' and 'Take Me Higher' go well together as they both capture the whole "Shoot for the stars and dream big" theme. Its almost like the songs really speak what a dreamer dreams of and feels. The feeling of longing for adventure and to escape the harsh realities of our world today are represented on these songs very well.

'Waning Lights' made me picture myself traveling alone in a rocket ship out into deep space in awe of the galactic beauty the stars and planets behold.

'Love Will Come Again' brings this EP to a nice close with a tropical dash and hopeful approach to synth. One can't help but visualize walking along side the shores of a far away planets beach in search of answers and wondering if there is another who shares the same dreams.

Overall I thought Songs For The Forgotten was refreshing to the ears.

Tracklisting 1. Four Minutes Til Midnight
2. Standing At The Edge Of The World
3. The Stars Above
4. Take Me Higher
5. Waning Lights
6. Love Will Come Again


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