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Crockett - Mixtape Memories

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Ep
Release date: 2016-01-15 Year: 2016
Label: 617581 Records DK
Genre: Retrowave,  Synth,  Electronic
Artist discography


Mixtape Memories is the 2nd work from Crockett.

'She Was' begins this EP in lo-fi but gradually blossoms into a hi-fi synth dominant song. It's almost like its trying to capture what it feels like when you see somebody you have feelings for,the nerviousness and hype.

'The One' I feel tells the story of realizing this person you care for is the only one within your sights. Its a little upbeat but at the same time filled with those mellow retrowave 80's vibes we all know. 

'Daydreaming' enveloped the aura of looking outside of a window and daydreaming of that special person. It also threw in a little hint of mystery as to ones dreaming of what a futuristic world of ours would be like. Its the puppy love stage so to speak in this story the EP paints out.

'A Teenage Romance' is my favorite of the 7 songs Mixtape Memories has to offer. It dives into the bliss of FINALLY winning over the man or woman of your dreams. I love the way the whole song has its own atmosphere. Its the sphere full of love with a pure 80's bliss twist.

'In The Glass' along with 'Slipping Away' and 'A Love Lost' covers the downfall of a relationship fairly well. They are more on the darker side compared with the rest of the songs off this disk. I honestly didn't care much for these 3 songs but I see what Crockett was going for. 

Overall I'd have to say Mixtape Memories wasn't too bad nor too good. There are some ups and downs with this release but I thought it was okay. I mainly found myself more interested in the whole story behind the songs telling the emotions one goes through in a relationship. I like when artist use their work to present us listeners with a scenario and Crockett did just that but I thought there could have been so much more to things. 


Tracklisting 1. She Was
2. The One
3. Daydreaming
4. A Teenage Romance
5. In The Glass
6. Slipping Away
7. A Love Lost


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