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Fight The Fade - What We Know

Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2012-05-11
Label: EYC Records
Genre: Rock
Artist discography


Beginning this powerful lyric driven album is 'House Of Cards' which head on tackles what stripping yourself of the material things and living a life based off nothing but your own truth is like. I really dig the bands message here because I feel that nowadays many people have lost the true meaning of life and seek happiness is the most falsehood of things. 

'Breaking Perceptions' and the record titled track itself 'What We Know' go hand in hand as somewhat of a trilogy to the first song. While both songs do carry their own purpose I find them to be a bit Disciples sounding. I think listeners will find the style familiar. 

Next up we have 'Tomorrow' that left a big impact on my ears just several days after my mother passed away. I remember hearing this song for the first time and honestly breaking down in tears. The vocal delivery by Zene Smith grabs the listeners attention and tugs at ones heart as he lays out the emotions felt from losing a loved one suddenly. The lyrics personally touched me because it rang so true to what I felt back then and even still feel to this day. I was 18 years old when I lost my mother and obviously I felt all sorts of things about it but never really acknowledged stuff until recent. Looking back I was angry and very hurt by my parents splitting up in 2009 because I never saw it coming. So as you can imagine my emotions were all over the place 3 years later in 2012 when she left this earth. Unfortunately,due to how I felt about everything and not seeing eye to eye I never got a chance to say goodbye or gather much of a clear understanding of things. I was pretty much left in the dark until things happened. My mother will never know how heartbroken I felt and how I was struggling to make sense of the world I was stepping into. Sometimes I admit even to this day as a 25 year old that I struggle to make sense out of the mess our planet is in. Now that I'm older I see the details and how they added up to the bigger picture. There isn't a day they goes by that I wish I could talk to my mother and tell her despite things that I did love her. Needless to say 'Tomorrow' got its message across loud and clear. 

'Sycar' returns us to the testimonial vibe but focusing more on Jesus and his message he left for the world to hear. While the track to follow 'A Day Is Coming' acts as the bands battle cry regarding revelations,the end times. 

'Collapse' is power ballad approach to 'House Of Cards' because it has the same lyrics but a different style. In my opinion I think the band should have just labeled it as a alternative version. While I prefer the original heavier sound I do see what the guys were trying to accomplish. 

Wrapping things up we have 'I Repent' which is actually a bonus track. As you all probably have guessed right away its about confessing your sins and asking for forgiveness. Surprisingly the piece is rather melancholy compared to others featured. I was hoping it was going to be upbeat and follow the feelings of happiness that come from speaking your truth but they go for more of a darkness associated with being a sinner. None the less I did get what they were going for.

Overall this album made me think and not many artist do that. There is very few in the industry I feel who grasp that song writing isn't just about writing a song. Fight The Fade gets that completely and it surely shows in their work. What I really like about this band is they write about real things and place a message behind it. I'd definitely recommend those going through hard times check these guys out. The track 'Tomorrow' alone will without a doubt win you over. 

Before I close this review off I want to give everybody reading this a opportunity to do something big and perhaps life changing. Reach out...

Tell yet alone show the people in your life how much you appreciate them. Never take those in your life or the things you've been given foregranted because you never know when their time is up yet alone yours. Nothing last forever. So if you care about somebody let them know. If you love someone tell them the truth. Believe me not knowing the truth is cruel and well no closure will just plain simply eat you alive. Trust me I know because I live with it everyday and will for the rest of my life. Please be kind to one another out there.

" Don't let the sun go down before you say whats on your heart "             - Fight The Fade


  1. House Of Cards
  2. Breaking Perceptions
  3. What We Know
  4. Tomorrow
  5. Sycar
  6. A Day Is Coming
  7. Collapse
  8. I Repent (Bonus Track)


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