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Maddy Ellwanger - Carbon Copies

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Ep
Release date: 2014-09-04 Year: 2014
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: Maddy Ellwanger
Artist discography


Maddy Ellwanger is back and continues to make us scratch our heads.

Carbon Copies is the 2nd piece to come from the young musician and just like Gruesome Minds (the predecessor) its quite a interesting puzzle. 

'Nervous Violence' is aimed towards focusing on Maddys quirky yet one of a kind vocals rather than the unusual kooky background clutter. I honestly had no idea what on earth she was singing about on this track.

'Bloody Brains' is yet another song I can't make out much but from what the music video shows its leaning towards having scary thoughts.

'Carbon Copies' was the only song I could really make heads and tails out of. Its about living life following others like sheep instead of trusting in yourself. It tackles how society has become brainwashed into mind set copies instead of staying true to the unique ideas our brains have set for us from birth. 

'Pity Party' made me feel like I was trapped in the mind of a person going insane or on the verge of a mental break down. I felt Maddy portrayed the hysteria feeling of things right on the nail by speeding up the song as you follow along. The music video tells the story well.

Overall I thought Carbon Copies was a slight improvement from previous work. 


Tracklisting 1. Nervous Violence
2. Bloody Brains
3. Carbon Copies
4. Pity Party
5. Karla The Strange (Bonus Track)
6. Gruesome Minds (Bonus Track)
7. Cocaine (Bonus Track)


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