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Maddy Ellwanger - Gruesome Minds

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2013-08-26 Year: 2013
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Indie Rock
Producer: Maddy Ellwanger
Artist discography


Mix together The Addams Family with indie music and you get Maddy Ellwanger. 

Gruesome Minds is the first piece of music to come from Maddy and is quite the head scratcher if you ask me. Gruesome Minds honestly had me feeling like I was in a cheap avante gard like mysterious acid trip of a horror film. Majority of the time I had no idea what Maddy sang about.

The only tracks I could really make out off this album were 5,7 and 10 therefore I can only really review those pieces. I'm assuming 'Psychedelic Youth' is about the flower children like ways Maddy goes about her work,very avante gard and art alternative rockish. 'Gruesome Minds' I think is suppose to be about how the minds of people today are focused on nothing but really the negativity and bad news. 'Karla The Strange' is about a person that goes about twisting your words and making you wish you were never born. I actually kinda like this track not just because I can hear what she is singing about but because I have come across a few people that easily fit Karlas description. 

Overall I'd say the whole attitude of Gruesome Minds is rather grim. 

Tracklisting 1. Hypocrite
2. Flesh & Blood
3. Neurosis
4. Skin
5. Psychedelic Youth
6. Cocaine
7. Gruesome Minds
8. Kill Them All
9. Gun Fight
10. Karla The Strange


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