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Jeremiah Freed - Companion, Pt. I - EP

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Henrik Holmgren Format: Ep
Release date: 2017-07-11 Year: 2017
Label: Independent
Genre: Modern Rock
Producer: Jeremiah Freed
Artist discography


After way too many years, Jeremiah Freed is finally back with new material. The band released a couple of very good blues infused rock albums back in the early 00’s but since then it has been way too quiet. Until now that is, as they return with Companion EP, part 1. If I am excited? Hell yes!

Instantly I recognize all the elements that made me fall for this band back then, they seem to have been able to keep their sound but still manage to make it sound contemporary. I am especially glad to hear the voice of Joe Smith again. He has this kind of warm, yet gritty enough, voice that fits this music perfectly, a kind of voice I wish I had as a singing voice. The rest of the band sounds just as tight as last time around with a great rhythm section as well as guitar work full of great licks and solos. 

Maybe they have added a bit more country flavor this time around, but it goes well with the rest of sounds of the songs. There are no weak songs on here but there is one that is just fantastic. The slower, ballad like Heartbreak Atlanta is just pure gold, with great vocals and guitar.  If they keep writing songs like that, this comeback will last very long.  If this indeed was part 1, I am really looking forward to the coming parts. Bring it on lads! 

Tracklisting 1. Hey Mama
2. Bad Feeling
3. Heartbreak Atlanta
4. I'm on Fire
5. Thank You


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