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Sunglasses Kid - Graduation

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Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2017-02-14 Year: 2017
Label: Aztec Records Ltd
Genre: Retrowave,  Synth
Producer: Sunglasses Kid
Artist discography


Fresh out of the retro hay stack Sunglasses Kid emerges with Graduation

'Opening Scene' isn't really a song but more of a warm wish to all the seniors in high school with a intercom like principle speech. I think it was kinda cool the artist used this as a way to set the mood for what the album later tells. 

'Graduation' begins rather mellow but gradually turns into a nice upbeat slow jam. Felt like this piece was meant  to represent the building up of ones emotions as that special day of celebration approaches and takes place.  

'80's Baby' didn't really do anything for me to be honest. It lacked the whole 80's vibe almost completely. They should have called it '90's Baby' cause it has more traces of that decades hip hop and dance sound. I felt the same towards tracks 3 through 9 despite 'Bitter Reaction' having a little Michael Jackson pop beat.  

'Runaway' is my favorite track off Graduation as it is laced with 80's prom night feels and teenage runaway into the night nostalgia. I love the smooth and noir like overall aura that 'Runaway' gives off. The only thing I'd change is the fact its a vocalized track. I felt the vocals took away a little love from what was transpiring regarding the synth action. I think this song would have been better left instrumental but none the less was very calming.  

'Friday Night' has a dusk driving around kinda spirit. Couldn't help but picture a business suit wearing guy out in his Mercedes driving to this. I'm assuming this song was meant to capture the living on cloud nine feeling of graduation night.  

'Sunshine' is a more upbeat and morning sounding counterpart of 'Runaway'. I feel the artist was trying to go for the feeling of waking up to a brand new chapter in ones life at the crack of dawn from the big night before.  

'Freshman' brings Graduation to a close by reminding everyone although a new graduating class enters into the real world there will be a fresh set of young thrill seeking faces to walk the school halls in the fall.  

Overall I thought this album wasn't bad at all but certainly not essential.

Tracklisting 1. Opening Scene
2. Graduation
3. 80's Baby (Ft. Rhyme Time & Geneva)
4. Can't Hide (Ft. Miranda Carey)
5. Venice Beach (Ft. Phaserland)
6. Just Another Day (Ft. I Am Harlequin)
7. Boyz Will B Boyz (Ft. Myrone)
8. Without You (Ft. JJ MIST)
9. Bitter Reaction
10. Runaway (Ft. SJBRAVO)
11. Friday Night
12. Sunshine (Ft. D/A/D)
13. Freshman (Ft. Phaserland) [BONUS TRACK]


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