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CATS in SPACE - Scarecrow

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-08-25 Year: 2017
Label: Harmony Factory
Genre: Classic Rock
Artist discography


Cats In Space´s debut album "Too many gods" from 2015 made me feel like a kid on christmas eve waiting for Santa to arrive with presents, Wow what a terrific power pop/AOR album it is.

And this summer, Cats In Space arrive with album no.2, "Scarecrow" continues where the first album left off with a collection of 1979-ish pomp-rock songs, it looks like Santa is coming early this year.

So raise your glasses once again and travel first class because fans of the first album won´t be disappointed to hear songs like "Mad Hatter´s tea party", "Clown in your nightmare" and "Broken wing". So adorable elegant and done with such finesse, any AOR fan will surrender completely.

Stand up and applaud the fantastic harmony vocals and the great musicianship from
Jeff Brown-Bass (The Sweet), Andy Stewart-Keyboards, Greg Hart-Guitars/Vocals, Steevi Bacon-Drums (Robin Trower), Paul Manzi-Lead Vocals (Arena) and Dean Howard-Guitar (Airrace).

Recommendable if you like Space Elevator, Styx, New England

Tracklisting 1.Jupiter calling
2.Mad Hatter´s tea party
3.Clown in your nightmare
5.September rain
6.Broken wing
7.Two minutes 59
8.Felix and the golden sun


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