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Warrior featuring Vinnie Vincent - S/T

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-09-15 Year: 2017
Label: HNE Recordings
Genre: Hard Rock
Artist discography


Former Kiss guitarist Vinnie Vincent is making an appearance at the Kiss Expo in Atlanta, 2018 and this fall, Cherry Red Records releases the rare recordings from 1982 with his band Warrior. What you have here is a raw and unpolished collection of songs of "what might have been" before Vinnie Vincent joined Kiss.
Mastered directly from tapes and cassettes in Gary Shea´s collection, the bassplayer in Warrior and New England. It makes me wonder if Vinnie Vincent has approved of this release? However, me and plenty of other Kiss fans are more than pleased to get our hands on this demo record and it´s already sold out so I´m rather happy that Vincent´s name is in the spotlight again.

Warrior is a band that came to life when the New England members Jimmy Waldo, Gary Shea and Hirsh Gardner teamed up with a then unknown guitarist called Vincent Cusano. The album contains 6 studio recordings, 5 instrumental rehearsals as well as 5 tracks of rehearsals featuring Fergie Frederiksen.
But the focus lies on the studio tracks that are songs written by Vinnie Vincent, 3 of the tracks, "Boys Gonna Rock", "Back on the street" and "Baby Oh Why" were later recorded and released on the 1986 album Vinnie Vincent´s Invasion. It´s cool to hear Vincent sing because he´s not only a great guitarist, he can sing too.
The song "It´s Not Pretty (Being Easy)" sounds like it could´ve ended up on "Creatures of the night" by Kiss. Classic hard rock! Another song, "I Need Love" is nothing to get excited about, an ordinary rocknroll song but that´s not what is making this CD worth having. 
The highlight, cream of the crop and the best unreleased song in the world, is "Gypsy in her eyes". Everything about this song is fantastic, from the chords to the stunning melodies and Vincent´s emotional vocals. It´s a mystery why it never has been recorded for an official studio release. So this demo version will do for the moment, but please Vincent, come back, form a new band and record it properly.


1.Boys gonna rock

2.It´s not pretty (being easy)

3.Gypsy in her eyes

4.Back on the streets

5.I need love

6.Baby oh why

7.Betrayed (instrumental)

8.Hot nights (instrumental)

9.Baby oh why (instrumental)

10.Back on the streets (instrumental)

11.I need love (instrumental)

12.Back on the streets (rehearsal with Fergie Frederiksen)

13.Gypsy in her eyes (rehearsal with Fergie Frederiksen)

14.Baby oh why (rehearsal with Fergie Frederiksen)

15.Hot nights (rehearsal with Fergie Frederiksen)

16.Betrayed (rehearsal with Fergie Frederiksen)


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