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Crossfaith - Freedom

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Pär Winberg Format: Single
Release date: 2017-08-04 Year: 2017
Label: Sony Music
Genre: Alternative Rock
Artist discography


Crossfaith is nothing less than a really good metalcoreband from... Japan! Or Metalcore is actually not a correct description either. They're much more than that. Imagine yourself a mix of metal and hardcore with dubstep and electronic dance music and you're where these guys parked their car. This is just a single and it's really fresh to hear this single if you compare them to bands in the typical "metalcore" scene. So much more in the soundlandscape. Sure - growl mixed with clean vocals and strong choruses but also damn cool arrangements and a really impressive production. Looking forward to hear the new album cause if it sits on the same class as this single it will be a killer in the genre.


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Blue Cow Kent is a hard rock band featuring writer Kaj Roth. The band also features guitarist Ove Lundqvist from Crystal Blue and drummer Robert Persson. Their first EP On our way to Budokent was released in 2013, followed by the LP Phantom Cathedral in 2014.

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