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Timecop1983 - Lovers Part 2

Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2017-08-05
Label: Urban Road Records
Genre: Retrowave,  Synth
Producer: Timecop1983
Artist discography


Lovers Part 2 is the long awaited follow up love story piece to Lovers Part 1.

'Sky' begins the record with Timecops1983 well known feel good and snythtastic vibrations. Its rather welcoming by preparing the listener for whats to come. 'Sky' is the mood setting piece for the rest of this album. In a relationship I think this track makes the statement "The sky is the limit!". 

'Girl' is my favorite song off Lovers Part 2 as it won me over instantly. There is just something about 'Girl' that is soothing yet refreshing. I feel it showcases how your emotions can run high and if you let them they can completely destroy you or worse even hurt others. The music video for 'Girl' does a great job telling that and covers the emotions of breaking up with somebody as well. It has that 80's throw back slow break up song feel written all over it.

'Letting Go' is a nice transition from the previous track because it finishes off where it left us. With feelings of anger,sadness and despair after getting our hearts broken we eventually all let go for the sake of our inner peace. 

'Falling Apart' probably is my 2nd favorite song off Lovers Part 2 as it demonstrates to the listeners what it feels like to just feel empty. I think at many points in our lives we feel like nothing will ever work out no matter how hard we try but in the end we find falling apart is what is needed to grow. It is in the hardest of times where we as humans find out more about ourselves more than ever. This feeling too shall pass and prepare you for the next stage in healing. 

'Memories' pretty much is self explanatory as its the track where we find that we are in a state of reflection after hitting our low. Its a nice piece that allows you to feel the nostalgia of the good times in a relationship one had.

'Moving On' just like all the other songs off this record is refreshing. It covers the final stage of heartbreak,looking forward and not going back trying to brave things out from the emotions inside.

'Silent Tears' I felt could either tell the story of seeing the one you cared for with another or realizing your time with the person was far too brief due to something stupid that happened. 'Silent Tears' is full of the longing to make things right feeling and wishing things could have ended differently but you must trek onward. 

Overall I thought Lovers Part 2 painted a beautiful picture of a love story gone wrong. Timecop1983 did an awesome job. You can hear this album on various media platforms such as iTunes,Bandcamp and Youtube.

  1. Sky
  2. Girl (Ft. SEAWAVES)
  3. Letting Go
  4. Falling Apart (Ft. By An Ion)
  5. Memories
  6. Moving On
  7. Silent Tears


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