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The Midnight - Endless Summer

Virginia Gutierrez Format: Album
Release date: 2016-08-05
Label: The Midnight
Genre: Synth,  Retrowave
Producer: Tim McEwan
Artist discography


Endless Summer is the 2nd album from The Midnight.

It begins our ears with the album titled track 'Endless Summer'. To be honest I didn't really care much for this piece. Will have to say the same for tracks 3,6,8 and even 10. I felt they lacked a certain pizazz factor to them verses all the others.

'Sunset' which is the second song gave me a "Lets get out of the house and head for the beach!" mid summer afternoon vibe. If a music video was to be made for this song I could honestly picture a sports car just haul ass with the top down filled with teenagers riding off into the sunset. I really liked how the electric guitar was incorporated towards the middle to end. I felt it added the whole element of excitement that comes with going to the beach. 

'Jason' has the 80's sounding saxophone parts we all might not want to admit we dig. I thought the pairing with Nikki Flores on this was cool. Love her voice.  

Everytime I listen to 'Synthetic' I visualize a robot on a stage dancing slowly yet with grace that has a story to tell. It's the story of wanting to know what its like to be human. As the song progresses onward you get a sense of the bigger picture and realize what state the robot is in. The robot is near the end of its life span and slowly shutting itself down. 'Synthetic' is my favorite piece of music from The Midnight thus far. It paints such a sad yet beautiful story and I love how it made me feel for this fictional character that popped into my own head. 

'The Comeback Kid' is about winning everything and everyone back again after going through some hard times. The little guitar part towards the end gave it the icing on the cake I felt the song needed from the start. 

'Crockett's Revenge' was a piece I kinda found rather cheesy but not completely bad. All I could imagine was it being used in a low budget 80's porno film.

'Lonely City' definitely gives off a late summer night drive through a beach city feel. It has elements of retro,synth and a little dance but I liked it. Would have to say its my 2nd favorite song that this artist has come out with. 

I felt 'Memories' could have been a nice b-side to 'Synthetic' had this album been released in cassette format. It's a song that I got another visual from and follows up sorta from 'Synthetic'. The song painted on the canvas of my mind that of the human (the robots maker) who is in a state of reflection mourning the loss of his robotic friend. Again thank you The Midnight for creating music that allows the listeners imagination to run wild.

After listening to this album I can say it is now my favorite of theirs with Nocturnal falling into 2nd place. If you love the 80's and Stranger Things this band is spot on for you. Be sure to check them out on various social media and music streaming platforms! You will not be disappointed. 

  1. Endless Summer
  2. Sunset
  3. Daytona
  4. Jason (Ft. Nikki Flores)
  5. Synthetic 
  6. The Equaliser (Not Alone)
  7. The Comeback Kid 
  8. Vampires 
  9. Crockett's Revenge
  10. Nighthawks
  11. Lonely City
  12. Memories


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