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Robert Plant - Carry Fire

Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2017-10-13
Label: Nonesuch / Warner
Genre: Classic Rock,  Folk Rock
Producer: Robert Plant
Artist discography


Robert Plant is of course a huge icon in the music business as the singer and frontman of Led Zeppelin, maybe the biggest band ever, having influenced millions of musicians around the globe.

On Carry Fire you will see a continuation of the sound he delivered on his previous release Lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar., having the same musicians on board with The Sensational Space Shifters.


Instead of re creating a huge thundering arena sound like he had with Zep in the past he tends to give us much more depth in his music these days.

Influences from North africa and even the middle east or India is giving this album a unique refreshing sound.

He sings with such a feel that even a nightingale would be jealous.

On Carry Fire Robert delivers tendereness and emotions, a great atmosphere.

I suggest to listen to this album with your headphone on so you can keep distracting sounds out of the way. The album really deserves that.


It is a fine woven blend of Folk, Celtic, Blues, rock and music from other parts of the world.

Robert produced the album himself and knows exactly where to give power and where to throttle back and let his fine emotional voice take over.

This is his trademark and he is lonely at the top regarding timing and feel.

He is the true king of vocals.

Lyrically it's about many assets in life.

Guilt, confession, death, shadow, light and much, much more..


The biggest highlight on this release is the titlesong Carry Fire.

You just have to check out the feel in this well composed song.


Also on Bluebirds Over The Mountain he sings a duet with Crissie Hynde.


There is only one word for this release:








01. The May Queen
02. New World
03. Season’s Song
04. Dance With You Tonight
05. Carving Up The World Again… A Wall And Not A Fence
06. A Way With Words
07. Carry Fire
08. Bones Of Saints
09. Keep It Hid
10. Bluebirds Over The Mountain” (feat. Chrissie Hynde (duet)
11. Heaven Sent


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