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Bill Deasy - Good Day No Rain

Pär Winberg Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Bound To Be Records
Genre: Midwest Rock
Producer: Gregg Wattenberg, Bill Deasy and Dave McNair
Artist discography


Ok, let?s get it out straight away. What we have here is the best CD of 2003 so far. It might well be the best CD of the year when we sum the year up later in December. It?s so damn good that I?m totally stunned. Thrilled. Chocked. Use any superlatives you want and they?re all worthy Bill?s album. Imagine a voice somewhere between Jude Cole, Neal Casal, John Mayer and Shawn Mullins and music in the same style. But there are also much more straight ahead classic melodic Midwest rock a?la Del Amitri and Brett Walker in some songs. Thoughtful lyrics, dynamic arrangements and FANTASTIC song-writing. Add a superb production signed Gregg Wattenberg (Dishwalla, Five For Fighting) and we?re quite ahead of what we have on the album. It?s amazingly good. And it?s an independent release! As I said, I?m stunned.
Let?s get over to the songs then? The opening 20 minutes is an appetizer of what we?re gonna get, and after 5 songs I?m thrilled over it, but it just goes on and on, and gets better all through! And the grand finale ?The Gift Of Seeing Through? is actually one of the best songs I have heard in the genre? ever? It?s as good as ?Driving With The Breaks On? with Del Amitri and the best stuff from Jude Cole?s album ?View From A 3rd Street?. When the song gets the climax around 5 minutes into the song I even take words like "best ever" in my mouth. And then the damn song just continues and ends up after 7 minutes and 30 seconds of magic!!! Well, I could mention all songs on here cause there is not a single bad second on the album, but I won?t do that. What I will though is to DEMAND all of you guys to buy yourself a copy today. Right now when I write this review I?m at song number seven for the third time today and that refrain is so ridiculous good that I just wanna get the man a big wet kiss on the mouth. And then track number eight is coming? ?Who We Are? that is nothing less than a killer tune all through? Marvellous folks. Marvellous.


Melodic Net Comments 

I have listened to this CD over and over. Wow. Usually, even with my favorite artists, Im lucky to really connect to one or two songs on a CD. Every song on Good Day, No Rain touches me. I cant begin to pick a favorite. You may have heard some tracks on the radio, but do yourself a favor and buy the CD. This work of art needs to be appreciated in its entirety.
2003-05-20 21:45:50