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Not Over Yet - Axioms of life

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-10-27 Year: 2017
Label: Not Over Yet
Genre: Hard Rock
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Not Over Yet is a project from Italy featuring Luca Cerardi – Drums, Luigi Stefanini – Bass, Giulia Cerardi – Guitar, and they have invited several well known musicians as guests on their new album ”Axioms of Life” such as Blaze Bayley (ex.Iron Maiden), Zak Stevens (Savatage), Charlie Huhn (Foghat, Ted Nugent), Chris Poland (ex.Megadeth) and Luca Priciotta (Doro Pesch).

But I can´t figure out what kind of a band they want to be because their crazy blend of various styles makes me confused, you will find anything from heavy metal to blues, and funkmetal to Caribbean pop on ”Axioms of life”. The quality of the songs are also a bit uneven so it´s easy to pick out enough songs to fill an EP since I can do without the rest.

The opening track ”Will Power” is a good melodic heavy metal song that sounds like Alice Cooper meets Megadeth, especially the vocals bring thoughts to the mighty Alice Cooper.

”Crazy tide” is another fine hard rock song, imagine if Joe Satriani was a member of Riot, it could very well sound like this. The song ”Boomshake” is ok, why not get a dose of late 80´s funkmetal a la Living Colour if you´re in the mood for that kind of groove.

”Back to Square one” feels like a 2nd division Iron Maiden song, average heavy metal to say the least and the album filler ”Some blues” won´t even please the fans of Gary Moore´s blues era. And when things couldn´t get any stranger, the album´s last track ”Let´s stay together” is a pop song from the Caribbean with a taste of coconuts and umbrella drinks.



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