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Adrian Vandenbergs MoonKings - MKII

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Arie van der Graaf Format: Album
Release date: 2017-11-03 Year: 2017
Label: Mascot Label Group
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Ad Vandenberg
Artist discography


Four years after the debut Vandenberg's Moonkings is back with their second album simply called MKII.

The band sticks to the sound of 70's and 80's influences with a lot of soul and groove.

Also on MKII you can clearly hear the band has a more mature sound and Jan Hoving has grown in his role as powerhouse and soulfull singer frontman.

Adrian himself off course steals the show with his licks and grooves on guitar.

The album kicks in with a nice powerful rocker Tightrope with a nice classic rock riff soulfull powerfull vocals. This opener is alsorleased as a single. It captures everything this band is all about perfectly.

It's follower Reputation has the sam feel as the opener but is slightly catchier and one of the better songs here.

Angel in Black has that old Golden Earrings vibe, classic rock!

Then we have the beautiful intro on The Fire. The song running over seven minutes is one of the highlights on MKII. It has a great chorus. The solo again is high standard. love the chance in power at the end of it with its slower pace towards the soulful vocals. The last part is showing us the instrumental skills this band hold. Great stuff!

Walk Away gives us the ballad this album needs. nice executed. Jan Hoving has a unique voice. And is one you eather love or hate.

All or Nothing is the song which should be fun to watch and listen to at a Moonkings liveshow. It gooves, love the Drum and Bass landscape Mart and Sem pictures here.

Another highlihgt on MKII is What Doesn't Kill You. Classic early 80's rock. and has a Whitesnake vibe over it.

Heading towards a bit of sleaze more southern rock we have Ready for the Taking with it's countryblues intro. Dirty guitars and strong vocals.

New Day gives us a fantastic intro lick which leads the way into an on the road rocker. The perfect song to spin while driving the freeway. It has a very nice positive vibe.

It's follower Hard Way has this 70's rythm vibe, It can be described as a crossover between AC/DC and ZZ Top. Clearly another highlight. 

More on the soulside is Love Runs Out. This songs gives us Jan Hoving's strongest vocal performance on the album and off course a huge highlight as well.

Love Runs out is a nice catchy powerful and soulful the hook in the middle and the end.

The closing song If You Can't Handle The Heat is closing the album in style, a grooving song, strong vocals with here and there a powerful yell. Just listen to the great guitarsolo Adrian delivers towards the end. The perfect way to finish this release.


Summing things up this MKII gives us a more mature sound compared to the debut album. The band sticks to the classic sound which suits them well.

Adrian does not make the mistake to make this an album only showing off his amazing guitar skills. He sticks to playing his guitars in favor of the songs.

A solid release which will still grow on you after some more spins.






1. Tightrope
2. Reputation
3. Angel In Black
4. The Fire
5. Walk Away
6. All Or Nothing
7. What Doesn't Kill You
8. Ready For The Taking
9. New Day
10. Hard Way
11. Love Runs Out
12. If You Can't Handle The Heat


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