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Midnight Sin - One Last Ride

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-10-13 Year: 2017
Label: Scarlet Records
Genre: Sleaze
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The 2nd album "One last ride" is not that different from Midnight Sin´s first album "Sex first" from 2014, it´s like a 2017´s school play´s version of the sunset strip back in 1988. This is hair metal a la Skid Row and Shotgun Messiah, done by the book.
There´s no denying the love and passion these Italians show for their sleaze rock idols, "One last ride" is a Midnight Sin´s ticket to the days when Motley Crue was the most dangerous band on the planet.
The new album is either better or worse than than it´s precursor, the sound and the songs continue where the first album left off. "One last ride" is a decent album in a genre that won´t go away even how dorky scarfs, big hair and guys in make-up feels like.


1.Day zero

2.Loaded gun

3.Land of the freak

4.Game over fame

5.Send me a light

6.Never say never

7.The maze

8.Plan B

9.Not today

10.Born this way


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