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Aftermath - Natural destruction

Kaj Roth Format: Album
Year: 2003
Label: Escape Music
Genre: Hard Rock
Producer: Pete Coleman
Artist discography


WARNING!!!!,if you read about this album on some sites
(we don?t mention by name)that it?s an excellent hard
rock album in the same vein as Hardline and Skid Row,
I would like to make a statement right here and right
This is the type of music that gives melodic
rock a bad reputation,it?s embarrasing how poor it
sounds and how lousy the songs are.I?m
out of words how they could have been signed at all because
singer Joey Dia sounds like if Sebastian Bach had
lost his voice but still tried to sing.

Aftermath was formed in New York in 95 but considering
that they have played together for 8 years,they still haven?t
learned anything during that time how to write a good
song.....I think anyone with a little talent of putting
together a song could?ve done this better even with
a hangover.

"Ez living" is one of the worst hard rock songs ever
recorded,so why did I even bother to write about this
since I?m coming down hard on them?!,well it?s simply
because I care about good melodic rock and don?t want
fans of this music getting fooled and have to throw
away money on worthless crap like Aftermath.

Am I being hard?.......I think I was being kind!

Hi there again,I must tell you that I
have recieved e-mails from both Khalil of Escape music
and Mark Chandler in Aftermath about this review.
First I would like to thank Mark for correcting me
on some grammar and spellings,I know I?m not an expert
in English language and do thank you for that and I
have corrected the review too.
And I will add your opinion to this review that you
wanted but couldn?t(just become a member Mark and it?s
the easiest thing in the world mate),anyway I will
spare you the hard work of doing that so here?s what
Mark has to say:

"While I´m not sure who pissed you off the day you did this review but maybe you should consider anger management counseling. As far as your "being hard", hard isn´t the word. This entire review is soaked in venom and has to be one of, if not the worst, reviews I´ve ever read. Next time you feel like venting on a band perhaps you shouldn´t bring your personal problems into the review. You should also be sure to proofread anything you attempt to write. I would hate to think that you spent so much time giving your thoughtful insights on others and would leave yourself open to criticism. Next time perhaps a spelling and grammar check would be a good idea.

You know, in hindsight, I think I´ll start doing reviews of reviewers. We have a saying here in the States, "Those that can do, do. Those that can´t review!

What I found even more interesting was the fact that I wasn´t allow to reply to your interview on the post. Amazing how you´re able to vent your views publicly but won´t deal with the replies publicly. Maybe you´ll suprise me and post this with your review. Then again, I´m sure you wouldn´t want to embarrass yourself by letting others see just how lacking in basic skills you are as a writer."

Marc Chandler


Melodic Net Comments 

Considering anything Escape puts out is a re-issue and usually remixed and remastered I initially steered away from Natural Destruction. Curiosity got the better of me and I did give the album a listening and have to agree awful isn't even the word!! I did however pick up Undone and quite simply was blown away!! Considering the area these guys are from is not exactly a hotbed of musical talent it shocks me that they we're never signed by a "real" label. I also took the time to email the "superstar" Marc Chandler and found out that the album reviewed by Kaj was actually already 4 years old and contained 4 tracks where Marc wasn't even included as the songs were done with a drum machine and were actually taken from lead singer Joey Dia's solo album released prior to the formation of the band. That would make 1/4 of Natural Destruction 8 years old therefore it's no wonder Kaj panned it as harshly as he did. Knowing Escape as well as I do I'm sure the band was told not to reveal the true nature of their album. Just listen to Undone vs. Natural Destruction and the difference is night and day. Marc also told me that their next album as Fools Faith is a few weeks away from pre-production completion and from hearing what he was kind enough to forward to me the new album will destroy anything they have released to date.

Not only was this album GREAT the follow-up from the former "Aftermath" boys is simply stellar!!!! Check out "Undone" by "Fools Faith" if you're a fan of Aftermath. You won't be disappointed in the least. As for the interview...... 'eh, opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one!

To madseason: While I have never been considered a "superstar" I thank you for the compliment just the same. What seems to be missing here is the FULL version of my reply to Kaj. (nice editing Kaj) I have received numerous e-mails both pro and con concerning our album since this review and I thank you all. First and foremost, we welcome ALL comments. I will be happy to foward my ORIGINAL reply to anyone who asks.
2003-06-16 19:12:27

Well, after reading the opinions expressed by the "superstar" Marc Chandler, I took the chance to dl the mp3 samples I found on another site... Hard to comment a cd on the basis of these samples, but i find what I listened horrible to say the least... Im more than happy that theres still someone that reviews cds with honesty, and not to just please every so-called artists or labels. Thanx Kaj, and keep up with your great job at!
2003-06-02 22:48:47