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Von Hertzen Brothers - War Is Over

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Ola Gränshagen Format: Album
Release date: 2017-11-03 Year: 2017
Label: Music Theories Recordings
Genre: Alternative Rock,  Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: no info
Artist discography


The 12 and a half minutes long title track commencing the album is astonishing. It kind of includes all there is in hard rock and progressive music, but even more styles like an oriental vibe as well. Parts of the song are built up around a 5/8 beat kind of twisted into a 15/8 thing, super cool. This band is absolutely among the coolest to see the earth nowadays, when it comes to their sound. They are smashing, energetic, smooth, rocking, cool… everything! Meet VON HERTZEN BROTHERS, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s even hard to know where to start (or, rather, continue). This band has got so many talents that I almost drown in them…  Fourth track “Jerusalem” is also worth mentioning. If nations around the world switched into rock songs for their national anthems, then VON HERTZEN BROTHERS would be the place to turn to.

It is followed by the intense “Frozen butterflies” (now, there’s a cool song title!) which also has its wonderfully melodic moments. The harmony vocals in this band are exceptional. It’s truly an ingredient that separates them from most other bands and makes them stand out. I could go on “forever” about this lovely album (an album that I missed out on and discovered too late for my Top 10 list for the Sweden Rock Magazine – it would have made it!). But I guess you understand what it’s all about. You need this.


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