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Toehider - Good

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Kaj Roth Format: Album
Release date: 2017-10-19 Year: 2017
Label: Birds Robe Records
Genre: Prog-Rock/Art Rock
Producer: Mike Mills
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Now, here´s a crazy musical ride for ya. This album is very entertaining and the musicianship is unbelievably awesome, expect some virtuoso skills from singer and multi-instrumentalist Mike Mills who is the man in charge of Toehider.
There are some fantastic moments on the new album "Good" but it gets a little "too" insane from time to time, although I admit that the fantastic parts are in majority here.
Recently, Arjen Lucassen invited the Melbourne based musician to appear on Ayreon´s "The Source" record (2017) so Mike Mills now has a fine reputation outside the Australian border.
"Good" is not the first release from Toehider, you will find an ocean of releases on his bandcamp page like the impressive "12 EP´s in 12 months". But now back to "Good" which is more than good, Mike Mills do have a passion for a variety of genres such as fusion, metal, prog, pomp and even comedy rock.
The title track "Good" could be something from a Tenacious D record, the next track "Funny things" is like a metal version of Sparks, very cool.
The best song is "This conversation is over", a truly superb pomp-prog-fusion anthem that is a wetdream for fans of Devin Townsend. It´s one of the best songs I´ve heard this year.
"Millions of musketeers" sounds like The Darkness going prog, an ok song that is followed by the epic "How do ghosts work?". Another highlight on this 8 track album.
About Mike Mills, he works hard every day of his life and he should definitely take home is hard earned pay all on his own.



2.Funny things

3.This conversation is over

4.Millions of musketeers

5.How do ghosts work?

6.Dan Vs Egg

7.I´ve been so happy living down here in the water

8.It´s so Fikkis


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